Wednesday Babble

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is my Mom’s 48th Birthday. Yeah, she’s young (was 19 when she had me). My Grandma is only 67 years old; yeah, no kidding. I called my Mom this morning to wish her a happy birthday and we chatted for a bit. Talked about her Vegas Extravaganza and the birthday presents I gave her last month (Ice Tea Maker, I Love Lucy purse, and digital meat thermometer – all of which she loves) and her plans for the day (nothing special. She was just excited she found a farrier for the horse, Lucy).

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Today is Greg’s brother, Pat, birthday as well. I believe he’s turning 26. Pat is at some training camp in the west, I believe. Pat did call Greg last night and they chatted a bit and Greg was able to wish him a happy birthday (though, he would have forgotten if I hadn’t of gone through Greg’s calendar at work and marked everyone birthdays for him; what would he do without me?), but the main reason Pat called Greg was to tell him that he left milk in the refrigerator at his old apartment and to see if he could remove it before he had to turn in the keys. Eww!

Ok, now that the birthday wishes are done, let’s continue with our normally scheduled program, shall we?

Last night after work, I headed over to Target to pick up the pictures I ordered on 7/12/07. I was surprised at how well they, mostly, turned out. Some were a little pixel-lated whereas others you couldn’t tell if was from a ‘normal’ camera or digital. So, with my mind on Scrap booking, I decided to look at scrap booking stuff. Oy! So much to choose from! But, I did well and didn’t buy anything… until… I walked towards the end of the isle, where they usually place their clearance items and saw what I’ve been wanting to buy since Amelia was born: A Memory Book; you know, the ones where you save pictures of their first hair cut, first Christmas and Halloween, First day of school, etc. The book was on clearance for….. $4.98!!! Yeah, that’s all! So, I HAD to buy it (especially since the cheapest I’ve seen was about $20 at Babies-R-Us or the Hallmark store). It was a no brainer for me. Then, I walked down some more isles to see if I could find anything interesting for dinner, I didn’t, but decided to buy a big jar of nuts. So, I walked out of Target only spending $11.55. I feel special.

Now, while at Target, Amelia was so giddy! She was actually laughing while in the isles! She would laugh every time I went “Boo” to her or would push the cart a little fast and then slow it down. It was so hilarious! I was tempted to call Greg and my Mom so they could hear how much she was laughing, but I couldn’t keep a decent cell signal in the store. Then, I thought about recording her laugh to make it my ring tone, but I didn’t want the sound of me going “Boo” to be in it. So, I wait a little longer for her to laugh at any and everything. I think it will be very soon.

I arrive home around 7:30 and take Amelia upstairs into my room and just lay on the bed with her and play. Sean comes in and lays on the bed too and plays with Amelia as well. Amelia licked Sean’s nose.

Around 8pm, I put Amelia to bed (it’s so cute to watch her rub her eyes…) and head down stairs to make dinner (pork chops, again). Greg arrives at 8:20, he was late (at which I told him he would be and he tried to deny that he would be late). We eat dinner and watch “America’s Got Talent”. Somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00, Greg goes upstairs, I didn’t head up until 9:30. Greg was playing DD when I got to my room and I lied next to him and watched him play and began to give him directions on where to go and who was waiting for their food, etc. He lost. Afterwards, we laid in bed, in the dark, and talked. We did some deep talking. We talked for nearly an hour about a lot of relationship things (mainly his past relationships and the ‘warning flags’ that he ignored; about his best friend Jeff; and a little about our relationship and our future together). Now, mind you when I went upstairs at 9:30, it was to get a little action, if you know what I mean. So, when we started talking about relationships from the past and many of the other topics (which I won’t mention here), by the time I began to change the subject, he wasn’t really feeling ‘it’. But, me wanting what I wanted I ended up getting it. LOL. It’s a little joke that Greg and I have, between us. So, finally around 11:30, we head for sleepyland.

Today, this morning, I was late for work. Amelia and Greg were taking their sweet time getting ready! Then, I had to make lunch for Greg and me, which took nearly 20 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m just writing this because it something to write about.

I arrive at work about 5 minutes late. I had my Target bag with the pictures and Memory book, as well as my new tags (which I didn’t put on last night; what can I say – i was lazy), though I don’t know why I brought the tags… oh wait, now I do… because I wanted to bring the registration card before it gets lost in the townhouse… duh. So, as soon as I am at my desk, I share the pictures with my supervisor, who shares them with another co-worker, finally around 10am, she brings them back to my desk and then I begin my Memory Book Extravaganza! It has been interesting and enjoyable. There are so many things I have to wait for, though. But, the book in itself is neat because I can create my own pages and add them to the book, which I think I will do in the near future. So far, the only thing I’ve created is the Father’s Day Page, along with filling out the story of when I found out I was pregnant, her birth information, and things along that nature.

I just received the following email from my roommate, Aaron:

—–Original Message—–
From: AARON GREENFIELD [mailto:agreenfield@*********.us]
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 1:45 PM
To: Jessica D
Subject: yo

Hey cool kid. How’s your day goin so far. Im ready to go home. do you wanna set off those fire works tonight?

My reply:


Damn, you must be really bored to be sending me an email!

Anyway, I am feeling pretty energetic at the moment, though I don’t’ really know why. Maybe it has something to do with the skittles I ate with my lunch, but who knows.

Oh, as for yesterdays post about being focused. Yeah, I failed. I didn’t even complete half of the accounts. Meh. Guess I could do it now…

I think I will start some work today…

Until then, Ciao!


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