All Gone and Then Some

Today is payday.

And, my money is all gone.



I am so adult right now, it’s freaky.

After I made the car payment, I headed over to my credit card site to make their payment, but the system was down. Though, I did learn that they gave me a $100 credit increase! Hot damn!

Last night, I had an interesting chat with an old friend, Ed. Ed and I met in 2004. We met online and hung out on a simi-regular basis. I haven’t seen Ed since June of 06, when he helped me clean my apartment before I moved to where I am leaving from this weekend. Ed and I did the “FWB” thing a few times, so all was good. I, at one point in time, did start to develop a ‘crush’ on Ed, but after I learned that he had feelings for another women (and has had feelings for her for over ten years), I knew that there wouldn’t be anything more between us.

But, Ed wrote a few interesting things last night on Y! Messenger that has got me wondering; here are a few:

I said: Jessica (11:55 PM): yeah, I didn’t take it personally or anything. No hard feelings, I promise
Ed said: ********_evil (11:56 PM): I know- you’re so sweet, thats why I liked being with you

Hmm… he liked being with me? I knew we got a long pretty well, though we never went out; we just hung out in my apartment and chatted and ‘whatnot’.

Then, he stated:

******_evil (12:09 AM): looks like you lost more weight in your pic- looking good!

Ed found me on MySpace, though never added me as friend (until last night), so who knows how long he’s been checking me out. LOL

Then, in conclusion he wrote (as we were saying good night):

********_evil (12:31 AM): bye, Jess- LOVE YA!

Ok, from my past experience with guys, when it’s the platonic ‘love’, they spell it as LUV, right? So, here we see Ed spelling it as LOVE…

I’m not reading into anything that isn’t there (or I least I don’t think it’s there), don’t get me wrong. But, I just thought it was interesting. Once Ed and I said our good byes, I went upstairs and told Greg about the conversation and he said that it sounded like Ed wants something that he can’t have, being well aware that I am in a relationship. I guess that is possibly true, I don’t know.

So, it was probably around midnight when I went to bed last night and I was some how awake and packing up my room by 7am. I was rudely awoken around 6:40 by my brother who was doing something with the hallway closet door.

Last night, Sean and I pretty much packed up the kitchen. We fought over the pots and pans because we both brought in a new set (I had received a nice set from my Grandma as a Christmas present and Sean said he bought a new set not too long before we moved in) when we moved. I stated one set was mine and he said it was his. Finally, I got the set that I stated as mine and he’s taking the other set to Good Will and then he’s going to buy his own new set. Then, we went through the dishes, which were all mine, except for a few bowls that he didn’t want. We’re donating a lot of things to Good Will, such as a dresser, entertainment unit, kitchen items and some of Amelia’s clothes that are too small.

After the kitchen, I headed up stairs to start there as well, but ended up laying on the bed with Greg watching Hackers and playing DD (to which I later went down stairs once I realized that I had forgotten to make my credit card payment and then ended up talking with Ed for a about a half hour).


I didn’t quite finish the entry when I posted it. I became busy and didn’t want to leave everyone hanging for something to read from me.

In any event, it’s now the last hour of the work day (5:00pm est) and I’ve talked to Greg, Sean, and my Mom a few times. Greg is working at a different shop today and is hella bored and not motivated to work; he should be heading to the townhouse as I type. Sean, went to the Good Will and dropped off some items and then had to wait until 5 pm to even start moving items into his new place; in the meantime, he and Aaron took apart the couch (which is a huge sectional with a queen size sofa and a recliner all built in and weighs 12 tons, little exaggeration) and loaded that into the u-haul. Mom, when I last talked to her, was on her way to Sean’s new place (though stuck in traffic in Crofton); to which I gave her general directions to.

In the meantime, I’ve been here, at work, answering so many phone calls since I am the only person in the queue. Yay.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to send an email to the condo guy to check on the status of our application, but I am too nervous because I fear another rejection. But, I am trying to be opptomistic and keep saying to myself “No news is good news”, that is until I do get ‘the news’. Greg seems to be handling this ‘waiting’ rather well, but he’s more focused on the move than I am, or so it seems.

Mom’s flight to Vegas leaves at like 6am tomorrow. She and her friends are renting a hotel room tonight so they can arrive to the airport at the same time. Mom is returning home on Tuesday, the 24th, at like 8pm. Greg and I have volunteered to pick Mom up from the airport (like he would pass on an opportunity to hang out at BWI)and take her to her car so she can head home. Then, on Wednesday, since I have the day off, I am going to take Amelia down to mom’s so she can watch her and give Greg and I a break (of paying for the babysitter). I am very thankful that Mom hasn’t gone back to work because without her help in watching Amelia, I have no idea what I would have done those few times we needed a babysitter.

I don’t know what the full plan is tonight with where we’re sleeping and what not. I believe, that I am going to spend the night at Greg’s and start doing laundry and stuff, after we load up our cars and the truck, and then on Saturday go back to the townhouse to get the last of anything and finial cleaning. Ugh, this weekend might be hell. But, at least when Greg and I are ready to move out, as soon as we find a place, there won’t be as much work. I hope.

Wish us luck that we’re going to hear back from the condo guy and he’s going to say “So, when do you three want to sign the lease and move in?”


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