The worst is over…

… I think.

We did it, mostly. Greg and I have pretty much moved everything out of the townhouse and into storage or his room.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

Also, I received a phone call from my brother and girlfriend, Michele, that the condo guy called them both to ask about Greg and I!!! So, at least we know he’s checking on the references we provided. Now, we just wait for their answer.

Now, back to the move:

Friday night was slow and fast at the same time. Mom came up because she left for her Vegas Extravaganza this morning. I took her to the hotel last night where she met up with her friend Madeline and someone else. I hung out for a few minuets because Tracey was there as well. Tracey and I pretty much grew up together since Mom and Madeline worked together. Then, when Mom left the job, we kinda lost touch through out the years, but would get together every now and then. Tracey is going to school to become a pharmacist! Girl is smart as a whip.

Ugh, I can tell this entry is going to be all over the place. I am so mentally exhausted. Hope you can figure out the pieces.

Anyway, before I went home, I stopped at Sean’s new place, where Mom was. As soon as Amelia saw Mom, she screamed bloody murder and continued for the whole night each time Mom tried to hold Amelia. Amelia just wasn’t having it. Hope Mom didn’t take it personally so that she will still watch Amelia next week.

Afterwards, I drove Mom to the old townhouse where we hung out and such. Later, around 9pm, I take Mom to the hotel where she’s meeting Madeline and others.

I arrive back to the old townhouse around 10:30 and Greg and I pack up the essentials and head to his place, where I slept. But, before we went to bed, I went through Greg’s things; mainly his old photos. I saw pictures of his first girlfriend, E and his last girlfriend, L. Greg has changed a lot over the years. Now a days, he looks older and mature. It was weird and interesting to go through that bag, all of which he’s throwing away (and why he let me look through them).

Today, Saturday, was exhausting. We don’t wake up until 10am and head out to the townhouse a little after 11. We spent the whole afternoon loading the U-Haul and then unloading the U-Haul. It took us about 5.5 hours to complete most of our work. There are a few things we need to get for ‘my new place’, a.k.a Greg’s Room and general cleaning, but other than that we’re done. And, I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to bed.

As I type, it’s close to 9pm. I have my second load of laundry running in the washer, first load is in the dryer; Amelia has finally fallen asleep, boy was she resilient about falling asleep; eating a light snack of popcorn; and looking forward to my shower tonight. I was so ready to fall asleep around 7:30, while we were watching Finding Nemo.

Oh, when Sean called me this afternoon (one of many conversations), he told me that a person called about a condo that Greg and I had applied for. Sean didn’t mention to the guy that we’re related (which Sean kept saying he didn’t know why he didn’t mention it) and I asked Sean what type of questions the guy asked (since I did list Sean on the application as a reference and informed the condo guy that Sean was a co-tenant) and Sean said that he asked if we were responsible and if Sean had anything to say that would suggest the condo guy to not let us move in. Sean replied with “nothing comes to my mind at the moment; oh wait, their not too keen on yard work and tend to kill plants” and the condo guy replied (along these lines) “Oh, well that doesn’t matter since the unit is a condo”. So, I guess that is good. Then, later in the day, my friend Michele called and pretty much told me the same thing that Sean did (how did we meet, how long have we known each other, etc). At least we know the condo guy is working on our application… now we just wait for an answer…


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