Monday – Finally!!

Wow, that was one slow yet fast weekend!

Saturday was my 10 year high school reunion and I completely forgot about it. At least I didn’t buy tickets. Yet, I still can’t believe I forgot all about it. Oh well, apparently there was a good turn out and they plan on hosting another in 5 years.

Sunday, was a long day. Greg and I didn’t even leave the apartment until 1:30. Greg had a nasty headache and wasn’t motivated to do anything and I don’t blame him. So, we arrive at the townhouse around 2 and begin the clean. I swept the floors and Greg, more or less, picked up trash and kept Amelia occupied. Then, I tackled the kitchen, which was the worse of all rooms; and by 4pm, I had made significant headway, You could see the counter tops! In fact, I had cleaned the counter tops, stove top (Greg cooked spaghetti one night last week and made a complete mess), and the refrigerator. Yeah, and it nearly took me an hour to do all that. Sean and Aaron didn’t arrive until 3:30ish and by then Greg and I were ready to go, we wanted to go to Costco’s before they closed (since they have the worst business hours on the weekend).

Greg and I did rather well, shopping wise, at Costco’s. Plus, it helped that we had a lot of coupons to use; we saved $15!! We got all the items we went for and a few extras (shampoo and toothbrushes). All in all, I spent $57. I think I did well.

After Costco’s, we headed ‘home’ (a.k.a. Greg’s Room). Pat was there, to our surprise, so it was a full house! Amelia went to bed around 7pm and then we just hung out for the rest of the night. Around 10:30, Greg and I head to our room to chat and play a little DD.

Mom called yesterday afternoon and told me that she’s heading out to the Grand Canyon. I asked what hotel they’re staying at and she said the Stratosphere and is having a great time! I can’t wait to see the pictures. Also, I’m envious that she’s actually on a trip! It’s been nearly 10 years (Aug 1998) since I’ve been on an airplane and went on an actual vacation. Greg says we’re going to take a vacation as soon as we find a place to live. I’m crossing my fingers that day happens soon.

It’s a little weird staying with Greg’s family. I know these people are going to be my future in-laws (mother-in law and brothers-in law), but it’s still weird. But, I am thankful that I get along with all of them and they seem to like me. Greg’s Mom came into our room yesterday afternoon as I was laying on the bed with Amelia, with an arms full of lotions and perfumes that she’s received over the years as gifts. She gave them all to me. Some of them are expensive lotions (such as Mary-Kay), but there is more than I’ll ever use, much less need. So, when I see Mom, I’m going to give her some.

Also, adjusting to another bed is wreaking havoc on my body. Granted, the bed is huge (a king) and extremely comfortable; but my body is used to the broken mattress that I’ve slept on for nearly 5 years. My body isn’t used to this luxury! And, apparently, nor is Greg. His poor shoulders and neck have been bothering. For the last two nights, I have been able to ‘pop’ his back when I kneed into it, to which he says helped a lot. I then suggest he visit a chiropractor, since I am considering returning to the one I used to see, Dr. Todd Fare, since my shoulder and hip are acting up again (though more the shoulder and the hip is something different than what it used to be; I think giving birth to Amelia pushed the joint out of socket a little).

Greg just called me (11:25am) because he’s bored (he’s working from a different shop today) and he’s done all his work. So, I suggested a few things for him to do, since he doesn’t have Internet access; 1. Think of ways to propose to me; 2. Think of places that we can now travel to on the weekends; 3. Think of ways to propose to me.

Yeah, he’s going to think of a place that we can go this weekend. I suggested another State Park, the reason being that earlier this year when Greg and I went to Catocin State Park and Cunningham Falls, we decided that every month we were going to visit a different state park; we haven’t been to a park since April.

Well, I am going to work on my other post (my Memory Book for Amelia; going to share the photo’s I selected to create pages for – to get an opinion and any suggestions from anyone out there).

Here’s to a new week in a new place!


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