General Discussion

This post is going to be about everything in General.

Last night, Greg and I had a little scare with Amelia. After we fed her, we put her to bed and she pretty much rolled over onto her stomach to go to sleep. Something she’s been doing for months now. Well, last night, apparently she threw up her bottle and nearly ‘drowned’ in it. I don’t know how to explain it, but from what I am guessing, she threw up a large puddle and, for some reason, couldn’t or wouldn’t move her face out of the puddle and began to ‘breathe’ the liquid in the puddle. Eventually, she let out this huge scream and Greg went into the bedroom and found Amelia screaming and spit up all over her face and up her nose. It took a while to calm her down and for her to fall back asleep (to which I laid her on my chest/stomach and eventually she stopped crying and fell asleep on me. I am going to assume it was hearing my heart beating and steady breathing that relaxed her). On another note, Amelia tried carrots last night and loved them! She actually swallowed more carrot than she ‘gerbered’ out. Greg and I were amazed!

Greg’s neck/shoulder is still bothering him. Last night was probably the worst. Since he stopped by the townhouse on the way home last night, I told him to get the heating pad from the closet and bring it home. I bet he’s thankful that he listened to me, because last night, when we were all home and relaxing in bed, I was able to ‘pop’ his entire back and shoulder. Then I showed him a few stretches I learned while working at the physical therapy clinic, to which he was able to ‘pop’ a few more places. In the end, his shoulder was much better, but his neck was still tight. This morning, I offered to try and ‘pop’ his back some more, before work, but he felt so guilty if he accepted. Greg feels that his pain is imposing on my happiness! I told him that if that were true then I wouldn’t offer to help him. He’s so silly.

Mom returns from her Vegas Extravaganza tonight. She hasn’t told me if she’s won any money or not, but I haven’t really asked. I really hope she has, though. Mom had a great time at the Grand Canyon and other places that she’s visited. I can’t wait to see the pictures from her trip. I will more than likely upload them for her and such, to which I will also post on my Flickr account.

Greg is ready to move out. He’s already stressing over the crowdedness of the place; though I don’t really have any issues with being there.

I sent an email to the condo guy to 1. follow-up on our application, and 2. to pass along a message from the current townhouse owner to him. The message was only to ask him to call again; apparently the number left in her voicemail was a incorrect number. I am still crossing my fingers about this place.

This morning I had my appointment with WIC. These appointments are rather interesting, though I’ve only been to two so far. Today, we learned about grains. Yeah, all about grains. And, the person who was instructing the class was way too energetic for the 8:30am appointment. She was hella loud and wanted ‘class participation’, to which she got very little. But, I did get a nifty bowl, a cookbook, and some ‘money’ to spend at the farmers market. So, tomorrow my brother and I are going to attend the farmers market in Glen Burnie. After the farmers market, I am going to head to work, with Amelia, to stop by and then head down to see Mom, that is if she’s still planning on watching Amelia for a few days. Greg and I are hoping she does because we would love to go to the movies. Greg is itching to see The Simpsons Movie and Harry Potter (maybe on the Harry Potter). I would like to see Hairspray because I loved the Rikki Lake version, although it’s a little disappointing that the movie wasn’t filmed in Baltimore, MD like the original version. But, at the same time, Greg and I shouldn’t be spending money that we need to be saving.

Lately, I’ve been having some very strange dreams. These dreams involve someone that I’ve never met, in person, but I know of. For the last two nights in a row I had a dream that involved Greg’s ex-fiancee. Basically, the dream involved us being at a party/house event and we both knew that we were there, yet we kept ignoring each other; even though we had a mutual friend (that wasn’t Greg). It was just strange.

Well, I’ve been given another ‘project’ and I guess I should start working on it.

Until then…


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