12 Days

I was 12 days shy of owning my car for 2 whole months.

Today, I was in a car accident. It was a minor accident. Amelia and I are fine, no injuries or anything. Amelia didn’t even cry or make a sound when the accident occured.

Here’s what happened:

I was leaving the Farmer’s Market in Glen Burnie. I was at a light (which was red for me) and was going to make a right turn onto the rd. I looked to my left and saw a car coming that had their turn signal on, to which I assumed they were going to turn into the parking lot I was coming out of. I was wrong, and as I pulled out, they hit me. The impact wasn’t nearly as bad as a previous accident on 09.09.99 that I was involved in. My air bags didn’t even open. But, since she had the green light and I had the red, I am found to be at fault, which I knew I was.

Story of my life.


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