Ugh. What a day.

First, I called the auto repair shop to set up my drop off, then I call the car rental place to set up a pick up time. After the phone calls, I start the laundry because Mom is watching Amelia until the first weekend of Aug.!! Yay Mom!

So, I head out around 10:45am and I don’t return until 7:15pm.

The estimate to repair my car is $3650.00!!!! Thank goodness for insurance, except my deductible is $500!!!! There goes my savings. bbbblllaaahhhh

Next step was to pick up my rental. When I arrived at the place, first they told me that they didn’t have my reservation. The dude I spoke with misunderstood my last name, figures. Then, the car wasn’t even ready and they asked me to come back later! WTF!! They told me it would be ready around noon, and I showed up at 12:15 and they didn’t have it. Bbbblllllaaaahhhh

So, Sean and I went to Cactus Willies for lunch. Sean hasn’t eatin since he moved out (why? because Greg and I did all the grocery shopping and cooking when we lived at the townhouse). Amelia was a hoot at the restaurant. She was chatting and shrieking and being very loud, but not in the screaming her head off way. She was such a good girl!

After lunch, Sean and I go back to the car rental place and the car is finally ready, though not the one I reserved! I am now driving an exciting Chevy Cobalt. Joy.
Now, it’s 1:45 and I call Mom to let her know that I am now heading down to Waldorf. Traffic on 301 was notorious! bbbblllllaaaaahhhh So, I skipped 301 and got onto 214 and headed south on 95 to 5 and then back to 301. I made it to Waldorf a little after 3pm.

Met Mom at Burlington, then we headed to Chipolte (my first time there, as well as Mom’s) for a lunch (though, we really went there because we both had to pee). The food was great, the wait wasn’t and Amelia became angry and cried every time she saw Mom. Then, I fed her some carrots and she was happy again.

After Chiplote, we headed over to Kinko’s so Mom could print some of her Vegas Extravaganza pictures (and make a cd so I can put them online for her). We were there for ever because the kiosk ran out of ribbon and paper and the Kinko’s Guy didn’t know how to replace it. bbbllllaaahhhhh

Finally, around 5:30, we part our ways. She heads south and I north. Traffic was ok up until Crofton. On the way home, I called Greg to see if he wanted to do anything for dinner and he said he wasn’t hungry because he ate a late lunch. So, I asked him to order me a pizza and I’ll pick it up. Well, I arrived before the pizza was ready, so I hung out for about 10 minutes at Greg’s job. When I talked to Greg on the phone, he estimated that he would be done around 6:30, which was the time I would be in the area. But, even though his ‘job; was done, he was still hanging out at the office collecting things for his Sim City game. Did he want to leave work? No. So, I became mad and left, which was at 6:45. I picked up my pizza and headed home. I stopped and got gas for the stupid gas hog and walked into the apartment at 7:15pm.

My day in a nut shell.

I am still feeling pissed at Greg for, lack of a better description of what I am feeling, choosing his game over coming home with me. It’s now 7:50 as I type and he hasn’t called nor is he home. He’ll probably walk in the door and start playing Sim City and maybe say a few words to me, which is fine because I’m not feeling very sociable right now.



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