Weekend in Review

This weekend was uneventful, at the most.

Saturday, Greg and I signed the lease at the condo and put a deposit down on the place. We looked at the bathrooms, since they are being completely re-done, and they look great! The only downside to the new bathrooms is that Greg and I can’t do the theme that we wanted to do, which was a tropical theme. The tile work is a dark brown and just wouldn’t work. But, aside from this, Greg and I are excited about the condo, though not trying to get too excited (since we were crushed before).

After we signed the lease, we stopped by the townhouse to get a few things and to help clean it out (though we didn’t do a lot of cleaning).

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful.

Sunday was pretty much the same, minus the signing of the lease and visiting the townhouse. Although, we did do a little window shopping in Target. We didn’t make it past the kitchen items. I was trying to sign up with Target, like create a wedding registry, but Greg wouldn’t let me. He felt that we could get in trouble. LOL, yeah, like no one else has every done that before (create a fake registry).

So, yeah. This weekend was pretty dull.


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