Changes and Adjustments

Last night and earlier today I was reminiscing about all the events that have occurred in the last year, and the last seven months.

There are so many things that I feel that I am still trying to adjust to; Being a parent (though not physically adjusting but emotional and mental); having a car loan (which may not sound so big to some people, but it’s a huge thing for me); Greg and I falling in love with each other (not too much adjusting on this one anymore, but it was funny to talk to him about all the things we kept telling each other this time last year); and many more little things (such as the weight loss; job; not living with Sean any more, etc).

Now a days, when ever I read about a child dying by negligence by the parent, or some sort of abuse, it affects more than it used to. I can’t imagine my life without Amelia anymore. I don’t know how I would recover if something were to happen to her. Which is why I don’t understand why people would intentionally harm, abandon, or kill their children, especially infants. Lately, there has been so much press about infant deaths and abuse and it’s really made me upset.

Then, this morning I read an article about the bridge that crashed in Minneapolis and one of the missing victims who is missing is a women who is (was) five months pregnant and had her two year old in the car with her. Reading this made me feel slightly scared for two reasons; 1. I have a huge fear of drowning (must be the asthmatic in me), so strong that I would rather burn to death than drown; and 2.


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