I work up this morning having no clue as to what day of the week it was. It was such a weird feeling…

Last night, I stopped by Greg’s office, unannounced, and hung out for a few minutes while he finished making our ‘Need/Want’ List for the move next week. While he was working on that, I was chatting with Brooke and talking about the Ocean City Golfing Extravaganza in Sept., which sounds likes it’s going to be a lot of fun!! Once Brooke left, Greg and I chatted about going out to dinner, even if it’s a McDonalds and we eat inside rather than drive-thru; I just wanted to go out. We ended up going to Pizza Hut on Rt. 40. Our server was horrible and he totally messed up our order; but I didn’t care because I was happy to be out and with Greg.

While waiting for our pizza, Greg and I chatted a little about a few things that were on my mind and then we focused on the ‘Need/Want’ List. Turns out that we don’t need as many things as we thought we did. A majority of the items we need are for the two bathrooms (shower curtains, towels, rugs, accessories, etc) and things for Amelia’s room (which it looks like a lot of people (ok, 4) feel that themes are a thing of the past for children’s rooms), such as a lamp, bedding and such for her crib and a few other little things.

Another topic of discussion was brought on by someone that I had spoken to on the way to the Pizza Hut; an old ‘FWB’ that I met nearly three years ago. ‘W’ is engaged and has his wedding planned for this coming Oct (I am going to assume I wasn’t invited, LOL); his bride-to-be doesn’t know that ‘W’ still has a paid membership to an adult hook-up website and is still looking for fun (shoot, he’s asked me many time this year to get together for ‘lunch’, to which I’ve declined and have told him that I am in love with Greg and am not interested in that friendship anymore); I asked ‘W’ why he’s still looking and such and he had no real honest answer and mentioned something about his bride-to-be has expressed some, very little, interest in possibly having a third person join their ‘party’. So, I asked him if his bride-to-be knows of the website and he said no and that he doesn’t plan on telling about it anytime soon because she would freak if he told her. Umm, wouldn’t that be a big flag to not do what you’re doing? So, once I ended the conversation with ‘W’, I talked to Greg about it and asked how he would feel if he found out that I had a paid membership to said website and was actively looking without his knowledge. His reply is something that I would feel if I learned of the same. See, this is where communication is key in a relationship; Greg knows of every past ‘FWB’ that I speak with (on the rare occasion that a conversation with one of them (there are four that I talk to every now and then) occurs) and I tell him about the conversations of them on my own free will, he doesn’t ask and I don’t hide anything from him. Greg is an important person in my life, why would I not tell him what’s going on in my life? Maybe I am more open than others, who knows, but that’s just the way I am.

Oh, the Greg’s review didn’t happen last night; work was too busy, but it did happen this morning!! Greg’s review was great and the raise was more than either of us were hoping for! Plus, the raise is effect immediately and will be reflected with the paycheck coming on Friday! Hooray!!! From our calculations, this check is going to be sweet and it may be more than enough to actually hire people to move our items next week, which is something we’ve been chatting about all morning via email. I am a little hesitant because I want to know for a fact that Greg and I are going to have more than enough money for next week and then for rent in September, which is two weeks after we move in! Greg understands my concerns but if pretty positive that we will be fine. It’s awesome that Greg and I are paid on opposite weeks because every Friday, there will be a paycheck deposited into the joint account (as soon as our employers process the requests).

This move is getting very exciting and nerve wracking for me. I told Greg that I am afraid of a repeat of the ‘life’ I had with Adam once we moved in together; even though my heart is telling me that the life Greg and I will have together will be nothing like that of the past; but I can’t help but worry. Also, I just realized that today would be my four year wedding anniversary if Adam and I were still together. I wonder if he remembers… meh, not important to wonder about those type of thoughts…

Oy! So much going on in my head!!! I’m missing Amelia a lot this week; I want to call Cousin April and see how’s she doing, yet afraid because I remember how I felt after having Amelia; I need to talk to the Babysitter about having her sign a piece of paper stating that she is/has accepted money from me to watch Amelia so that I can be reimbursed; I’m hoping that my brother is doing well, financially, at his new place; wonder how my car is doing since it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I handed it over to the repair shop… and many many more…


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