Date Night (sorta)


From: Greg S. [mailto:********]
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 12:33 PM
To: Jessica D
Subject: RE: *Knock Knock*

Meet here, go to movies and make out.

Jessica D wrote:
You should go out and get your lunch now before it hits…

So, what’s the plan tonight?

For our ‘Date Night’, Greg and I are going to see The Simpson’s Movie (with our free passes) after work. And, apparently, we’re going to make out. Works for me!

Finally, this afternoon, the a/c was repaired at work. It’s nice and cool and the nice little storm we have is also helping. Rather relaxing really; since I can sit and watch it rain from my desk (Love my Desk Location).

Well, “IT” has made it’s ugly presence this morning; about time too! But, I’ve noticed that my cycles are starting the Thursday after I stop taking the active pills… what’s nice *knock on wood* is that the cramps are almost nonexistent, oddly. Actually, I had no warning signs (other than my strong ‘urges’ for ‘playing’ with Greg) that “IT” was coming. Another thing that I have noticed is that my mood swings happen a week before I stop taking the active pills… I wonder if this is just me. I’ve been tempted to not take the birth control to see if I would have a cycle on my own (since I have PCOS, my cycles have been very unpredictable; hence the reason I didn’t use birth control (and was told that it would be nearly impossible for me to get pregnant naturally))… not sure if I want to risk that chance… give up sex for two months just to see if I will start a cycle on my own???… Nah….

Next is coming along nicely. I’ve spent a majority of the morning reading. The only ‘complaint’ I have about the book, thus far, is that it’s predictable; or at least seems predictable, but I don’t know if my predictions are true, well most of them… some I’ve predicted and after a few more chapters proved correct. I guess it helps that I spent nearly six years in the clinical research industry and I know a lot of what the book is about… who knows. I should be done with it soon..

This weekend, Greg and I are going back down to my Mom’s to get Amelia. I am so missing her right now. She’s growing so fast, physically and mentally. She’s begun to get on her hands and knees and will soon start crawling, probably, but for now she just kinds scoots backwards.

I am getting pretty excited about the move next week. I can’t wait for Greg and I to finally have a place to call home and to start our life together; and for Amelia to have a place to have all her ‘firsts’, such as her first steps, Christmas, Thanksgiving, words, etc. This time next year, Amelia will be 19 months old!! It’s so weird to think about that, especially when I think what I was doing/thinking this time last year (like working at CCTA; when Greg and I went to the National Zoo; all the trips that Greg and I were planning; and the thought of Greg and I moving to Washington State together…

It’s such a weird thing to think about all that was going on last year and not know that I was pregnant. I would guess that I was about 4, going on 5, months pregnant this time last year. And, who would have thought that a year later, Greg and I would be moving in together, set up joint bank accounts (at my bank of choice; gotta love Wachovia), helping each other pay our bills (I help him with the Dell bill and he helps with my car payment), and have a nearly 7 month old daughter!! I sure wouldn’t have thought that… if I were asked last year what I would expect to be doing exactly a year later, all that I mentioned above would not be what I was expecting; if anything, I would have guessed: School and a new job. Way off, huh…

Would I change anything? Absolutely not; not even all the hardship I’ve experienced in the last 7 months. I am feeling very positive about my future with Greg, Amelia, and life in general. It’s a very good feeling.

Well, I am going to get back to the book; just thought I would stop by and give ya something to read!



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