It has begun…

… tomorrow is THE DAY

Last night, there was an email from The Condo Guy, confirming the meeting tomorrow and suggesting a time for us to meet (eight o’clock pm). I haven’t replied, yet. I am in the progress of that task (among many others)…

Last night, Greg and I were so drained of energy. We were both confused as to why we felt to exhausted. But there were a couple highlights for the night:

  • Amelia and Greg got into a dispute… over… the spoon. Yes, Amelia has begun to take the spoon away and try to feed herself and WILL NOT allow you to take the spoon back unless you pry her sticky, wet, fingers away from the spoon, to which she will began to scream at the top of her lungs in protest. Wow. Last night, feeding Amelia, was interesting to say the least
  • I learned that Greg has begun thinking about proposing to me; he’s already thought about his wording, the location, the time, and the ring. !!!!!!! This excites me to no end. And, what causes this utmost extreme excitement is that I have absolutely no idea what the ring is going to look like or when and where which means it’s all a complete surprise; every bit of it (I have no idea what style ring (cut of the diamond, etc), if the ring is going to be gold, white gold, or platinum, etc). This tickles me pink with joy
  • It has been so busy at work. I am already getting frustrated and that isn’t good. Oy, they need to hire more people and soon (for example, my referral). But, at least it’s a short week for me AND I will be working a half day tomorrow, rather than a whole day and taking Friday off (which I am still going to do).

    Have I mentioned how excited I am about what’s about to happen? I am starting a whole new life (sorta). I am as excited as humanly possible yet scared shit less. What scares me is the finances (remember, Money is the root of evil and can ruin any and all relationships), Greg believes that we will be fine financially, but I am not feeling the belief. I guess, in a sense, I am still thinking about the relationship I had with Adam and when we first moved in together and all that ensued afterwards. But, to be fair, Greg has never been fired and has been at the same company for six years and then some; whereas Adam was constantly loosing his job which made the finances difficult, and I guess I am afraid of a repeat even though Greg is very secure in his job. GGGRRRR.

    It’s funny how Greg and I are worried about completely different things regaurding this move. I feel his worry is nothing (even though I can’t mention it here) to really worry about because he hasn’t had any issues with the place he’s at now; and he feels my worry about the finances is petty since we both have jobs that pay very well. To each their own.

    *** FF to 2:47pm ***

    Ugh, I can’t get over how busy I’ve been this week! Thank goodness it’s a short week for me. I am feeling so frustrated, stressed, and over all not in a good mood; which i’ve expressed to Greg (to give him a heads up for tonight).

    And, again, I’ve forgotten about the topics of discussion. God, I would suck in a book club group and had to host a meeting. My mind can not stay focused on anything now a days. I swear I have Adult ADD.

    Wish me luck that I survive the rest of the day!


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