Here We Go…

Yeah, so HR did fuck up my check; to no surprise. The only deposited a part of my check and I am assuming the rest of my money is a ‘live’ check that I will have to go pick up sometime today. Bastards. From my past experience with having multiple bank accounts and having the check divided between the two, if the one account wasn’t ready for direct deposit, then the entire check would still be deposited in the original account, not split between a deposit and live check. Grr… these people are idiots.

In Other News…

Amelia isn’t feeling well. She has a low grade fever and very runny nose. Also, I’ve noticed that she’s been holding her hand over her ear on occasion. I really hope she doesn’t have an ear infection. In any event, I’m going to call Dr. Papa and see what he says; in the mean time Greg and I have been giving her baby Tylenol to help (and it really does).

Greg and I picked up the keys last night at the condo!!!! We’re so freaking excited. We were walking around the condo last night talking about where we’re going to put what and all. It’s great! We also took pictures and will eveutally up load them for all to see.

In the mean time, i am going to hop into the shower (not literally) and get ready for the day.

P.S. Unloading the storage unit, yesterday, wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I am as lazy as possible when it comes to moving. Ask Greg, Sean, and Aaron, they will agree with me.



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