…In a Nut Shell…

No particular topic for today; just a little of this and a little of that.

Last night, Greg and I finally got to meet with our potential new babysitter. We hung out for about an hour and decided to ‘hire’ her. Greg loves what the new sitter offers (an actual learning environment) and feels the extra forty dollars a week is well worth it. So, we start with Mrs. L on Sept. 4, after Labor Day. Mom is going to watch Amelia for next week for us.

I really want to do something special for my for all the help she’s given Greg and I; especially with all the time she’s watched Amelia and all that she did this past weekend with the move. But, she doesn’t want anything, *On the phone with her as I type* and loves spending time with her. Yet, at the same time I feel guilty for relying so much on Mom when it comes to watching Amelia. *sigh* I will think of something…

So, this afternoon I confirmed something that I always suspected. Unfortunately, I can’t share it on here. I did share it with Greg, as it’s been something of a topic on a few occasions. He doubted me; saying she wouldn’t do that but with what I recently found, I confirmed with him what I always suspected.

Greg and I were bad last night. We didn’t get home until almost 8:30 and we had forgotten to take something out of the freezer when we left in the morning, so we ordered a pizza from the place in Brooklyn. Oh, their pizza is so good! We really shouldn’t have ordered food when we are so broke, but we were bad. We also learned that this pizza place will deliver cigarettes! I found that so funny that I called Aaron and asked him the value of a place that will deliver cigarettes and his reply was: “priceless” and then I told him about the pizza place.

Greg and I watched a little of The Lord of the Rings last night while we ate and had a pretty interesting conversation as well (before the pizza arrived). Greg mentioned what he likes best about our relationship compared to his past was how much I am willing to share the responsibilities, including finances, and if there is a problem that I am more than willing to talk to him about it versus hold it in. I love it when Greg and I are able to sit together and just shoot the shit. We talked about work and certain co-workers of his; my day; the insurance company (which still hasn’t returned my call); our renters insurance policy (which he recently signed up for through USAA and our monthly payment is only $9.91 for over $36K of valued furniture – Hurrah) and other things; such as what we need to buy next for the place (thinking about a new vacuum cleaner) or in general (new car seat for Amelia and having to buy two of them). Over all, it was a great night!

Tonight I am going to work some overtime for the project. The extra hours will be applied to the time off from last week so that I don’t have to used my personal or vacation days. Works for me. So, Greg is going to stop by my job to get the car seat and pick Amelia up. I am hoping that I can work Wednesday and Thursday as well, but we’ll see.

I finally got around to emailing The Condo Guy about a few little things about the condo. Mainly, I wanted to express the inefficacy of the dryer and have hopes that he’ll have it replaced. I swear that thing is older than me and it sounds like it’s on it’s last leg and might kick the bucket soon. So, we’ll see.

Well, I am done. It’s 2:22 and I’ve spent a majority of the day on MySpace reading my old blog entries and then when I was on Y! I was cleaning out my saved emails and was reading a lot of emails from 2004-2005. Oy that brought back a lot of memories, especially of RD (since there were some emails from him). I haven’t thought about him in a while and when I was re-reading the old emails a flood of emotions came back that I felt for him at that time. Would I ever see him again? No. I am more than happy with Greg.

Ok, now I am done. Signing off at 3:27pm


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