Is It Really Thursday?

Gosh, it doesn’t feel like it is!

This day has been crazy! I’ve been so busy with work and then all morning and afternoon (the interview was at 2pm) I was stressing and being nervous about the interview and then after the interview I was trying to catch up on work!

*Whew* It was just crazy!

And now, I have a headache. I am going to assume it’s from the rush of adrenaline from the interview.

Wow, I’ve gotten so many emails today regarding the switch and password! I didn’t know I had so many readers (well, I did but didn’t know who). It’s really exciting; please feel free to keep sending emails and such!!

It’s so weird right now, the office is almost completely silent. There isn’t a single phone conversation going on at all! This is just uncanny.

Tonight, Greg and I are going to do a little grocery shopping since we’ve run out of lunch items and I want to buy a nice roast to cook in the crock pot. Did I mention that my Mom bought us a crock pot as a house warming gift? Well, she did while we were at Target and she knew that Greg and I were going for a red theme in the kitchen and when she saw the red crock pot she had to get it, according to her. Greg and I tried to tell her not to buy it but she wouldn’t listen. Mom is also looking forward to having Amelia all next week and I am excited that I will be able to work the overtime that I want! It’s a win win deal.

Hooray, it’s 6 and time to go!


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