Monday Madness

Yeesh, Monday already!

Last night was uneventful (once I was done uploading pictures and whatnot). Greg played on the computer (his newest addiction is SimCity4) while I watched The Transporter and ate dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and chatted with Mom for a bit. I think it was about 11pm when I made it to the bedroom and triedto go to sleep. I didn’t succeed. I had a horrible night of trying to fall asleep and then stay asleep! Plus, the weird dreams I had weren’t helping one bit!

In any event, we made it to work on time but forgot a lot of important items such as: 1. Gas Money (hope I make it home tonight); 2. Mrs. L’s application information (need to call to let her know we’re still interested); and 3. To take something out of the freezer for dinner. “D’oh!”

But, I was able to stop at the collision shop and they installed my antenna (the reason I had crappy radio reception – forgot to mention that the antenna was missing) and have my headlight re-adjusted. I guess I’ll know tonight if the adjustment was done correctly.

In other news…

Has anyone else heard about Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt? I heard about it this morning on DC101 and they mentioned that he slit his wrist and OD on some pills. I tried to find information on the web but was only able to locate one article stating he was in the hospital but the reason why isn’t disclosed (click the link to read about it).

Looks like I am going to work OT tonight and this day has been crazy busy! At least I am able to get some extra money or apply the extra hours to vacation/personal days.

Also, it looks like Greg and I won’t be going to Ocean City next weekend due to funds. Poor Greg is bummed, he was so excited about the Putt-Putt Tournament. As a solution I suggested that we host a bowling tournament! There is a bowling alley within walking distance of the condo and it’s been ages since he bowled (he used to be in a leage when he was in high school and even won a few trophies). He seems really excited about the idea but not the bowling alley I suggested, so we’ll see.

Also, Greg and I need to start thinking about a house warming party! A few of his so-workers have already asked when it’s going to happen and such. It looks like it may be at the end of September due to still unpacking and again the funds.

I am happy and that’s all that matters!


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