When in Rome…

 Stole, copied, borrowed – what have you – this MeMe from Blue Soup and we all know what I like to do when work is slow… 

1. What time did you get up this morning?

7:03 am.

2. Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds. I like shiny things

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

The Simpsons Movie – It was alright; I enjoyed it.

4. What’s your favourite TV show?

Varies season by season, but in the past I’ve watched: Top Chef, Ugly Betty, Hell’s Kitchen, Scrubs, King of Queens, and many more

5. What did you have for breakfast?

Sesame Bagel with bacon egg and cheese

6. What’s your favourite cuisine?

All of the above

7. What foods do you dislike?

It’s more about the texture of the food than the actual taste of the food. To give you and idea: I don’t like apple pie or anything that has cooked apple chunks in it because of the texture of the cooked apple. In general, I don’t like any of my veggies (except for potatoes but I’ll even eat those raw) or fruits cooked.

8. What is your favourite [crisp] flavour?

Not sure I understand this question but I am going to say garlic

9. What’s your favourite CD at the moment?

I would say the soundtrack to Garden State for the moment

10. What kind of car do you drive?

A 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8. My first financed car.

11. Favourite sandwich?

I have no idea. I don’t really have a favorite. I enjoy bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, salami and mustard, chicken or a ham and cheese. Nothing exotic.

12. What characteristics do you despise?

High and Mighty – Better than you – attitudes

13. Favourite item of clothing?

oversized t-shirts

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

no particular place stands out as I would explore this ‘anywhere’ and I would say it would began in Europe.

15. What colour is your bathroom?


16. Favourite brand of clothing?

whatever fits

17. Where would you retire to: beach, or wooded retreat?

a wooded retreat with access to a beach

18. Favourite time of the day?

Mornings – I am more focused

19. What were your most memorable birthdays?

My 18th birthday when I invited a whole bunch of friends to go to midnight skating with me and my crush at the time even came and gave me a hug and a card with $5 in it.

20. Where were you born?

Cheverly, MD

21. Favourite sport to watch?

Watch, baseball but I would rather play.

22. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?


23. Person you expect to send it back first?


24. What fabric detergent do you use?

Currently using ALL, but switch between GAIN and TIDE as well.

25. Were you named after anyone?

Funny story: When I was born my Mom names me Jennifer Marie. She handed the birth certificate information to my Dad to give to the nurse. A few months later when the copy of the birth certificate arrived it had the name Jessica Sylvia on it. My Mom called the hospital and it was learned that my Dad changed my name without telling my Mom. So, all the time before the birth certificate arrived I was called Jen or Jenny or whathave. Turns out my Dad wanted to name me after his Grandmothers and mispelled one of their names; Sylvia was supposed to be Sylvelva or something along those lines. But, what makes this story funny is that all through life, as far back as I can remember, people have always called me Jennifer; including my teachers in High School, co-workers, employers, anyone that has had daily contact with me (except for Greg and of course my family members) and even today people still call me Jennifer after I tell them my name. True Story.

26. Do you wish on stars?

Wish on them, yes; believe in them, sometimes

27. When did you last cry?

sometime within the last four weeks

28. Do you like your handwriting?

Funny you ask that considering I wrote a paragraph on handwriting earlier today… at times I like my handwriting

29. What is your most embarrassing flaw?

My eyebrows grow at a rapid rate and at times I can be seen sporting the uni-brow

30. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?

I believe so

31. Are you a daredevil?

Depends on the situation. Sometimes I do things to prove others who are too scared to do it that a girl isn’t when in fact I am.

32. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?

Who hasn’t

33. Do looks matter?

Sadly, yes. The only issue I have with the look of someone else is their teeth; I have a thing about teeth and if your teeth arn’t somewhat organized or look like they’ve never seen a tooth brush then I might be a little less attracted to you.

34. How do you release anger?

cry and talk it out

35. Where is your second home?

My car

36. What were your favourite toys as a child?

My roller skates and umbrella

37. What class in high school do you think was totally useless?

Depends on your goal in life. Personally, all the math classes after Algebra were pointless. I didn’t need to know more than I was going to use.

38. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

At timess but not generally

39. Favourite movies?

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Face/Off, Braveheart, Fried Green Tomatoes, A League of their Own, Zoolander, The Transporter

40. What are your nicknames?

Jess, Jessie, Jess Jess, Messy Jessie just to name a few

41. Would you bungee jump?

Can’t wait to go

42. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


43. Do you think that you are strong?

Depends on the comparison. I think I am stronger or have a higher tolerance about certain situations than others.

44. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Mint Chocolate Chip

45. What are your favourite colours?

Blues and Reds

46. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

I wish I wasn’t as guilable as I am

47. Who do you miss the most?

Not missing anyone at the moment

48. Do you want everyone you sent this to send it back?


49. What colour pants are you wearing?

light green with intricate beads and what not. It’s actually nice and I’ve received a lot of compliments.

50. What are you listening to right now?

Two co-works talking about a call that one just received

51. Last thing you ate?

Lunch leftovers (bbq wings) and some diet pepsi

52. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

midnight blue as that was my favorite color from the crayon box

53. Last person you talked to on the phone?

a customer from Michigan who wanted to cancel but I was able to ‘save’ her and retain her as a customer

54. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

if they’re a righty or a lefty

55. Favourite Drink?

nothing tops ice cold water when it’s hot and humid, but aside from that it would be a ade of some sort (lemonade, raspberryade, strawberryade, etc)

56. Do you wear contacts?

not at the present time

57. Favourite Day of the Year?

Christmas Eve

58. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

well, since neither reflect actual life and both ending are predicable and if I choose soley on entertainment value I will select Scary Movies

59. Hugs OR Kisses?


60. What Is Your Favourite Dessert?

no idea; depends on my mood, what’s available and if I have the want

61. What Book(s) Are You Reading?

none at the moment but working on that

62. What’s On Your Mouse Pad?

some MX mouse pad

63. What Did You Watch Last night on TV?

don’t have cable so nothing; but watch some Family Guy on DVD

64. Favourite Smells?

the smell after a good rain; freshly dug up earth, Indian spices

65. Rolling Stones or Beatles?

If I had to choose to listen to either it would be Beatles


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