“I’ve Got That Loving Feeling…”

We all know the song and if you’re like me, you’re probably singing the rest of it in your head right now….

What loving feeling do I have? Well, the loving feeling of learning that I get to leave at 5pm today which gives me ample time to think of something special to do for Greg. I have this over whelming urge to shower him with gifts and affection and to make all his dreams (even the naughty ones) come true. That is what I am currently feeling. Who knows if this will last through out the day.

Even though we have no play money and I just put the September Rent check in the mail this morning I still want to do something oh so special. Aside from the obvious (buying the camera he’s been oogling for a few months now) the next best thing is to make him his favorite ‘special pizza’; Chef Boyardee pizza in a box. There is something about this pizza kit that Greg loves. He only has it for his birthday and his Mom usually makes it. So, I am thinking that I am going to stop by the store on my way home and pick up a box and make that for dinner.

I just realized that this will be our last night without Amelia. Not that it was nice without her, but this is the last night that Greg and I are able to do whatever we want without having to think if we’re being too noisy (not in that way; referring to talking/dvd watching/gaming/running dishwasher/running washer and dryer noisy); if you have a kid you know what I mean.

Also, I am excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY, and payday, and a half day for me! I just don’t feel like working the rest of the week (or day for that matter). Last night, a tooth that I’ve had issues with since Oct 2004 has chipped and now the the remaining part of the tooth is sharp as all can be and tearing up the side of my tongue! It hurts to talk or eat. I have dental insurance but don’t feel like going; probably due to my last dentist adventure (had a severley infected tooth that no amount of novocaine could numb and the tooth was pulled with me feeling every bit of it; all the while taking care of a 7 week old baby) which weren’t good times, and I am sure they are going to remove this tooth as well and I also don’t want to miss work.

Moving onto another subject…

I’ve noticed one thing that Blogger has that WordPress doesn’t (or I haven’t been able to find) and that is the ability to post via mobile phone.

I still haven’t been able to locate any information on what I saw this morning. Usually WBAL has current information, but at last check they didn’t have anything posted. Thankfully, work isn’t going to doc us for those who were late due to all the commotion since there were many of us who were late for work.

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