Ready for Bed at 8pm

This day feels like it’s been going forever!

Well the washer/dryer wasn’t installed because it was too deep *giggle*. Apparently, the vent is on the top of the current unit and the new one has the vent on the back which added two more inches to the depth. So, we called The Condo Guy and told him what occured and he said they would take care of it. Fast Forward 5-6 hours and he calls back and tells me that he’s taken care of everything and he thinks we’ll be pleased with the new purchase. Now, we just wait until next Saturday!

Amelia’s follow-up appointment went well. Her infection is all gone and she looks perfect. Next appointment is her NINE MONTH check-up in October! That is right around the corner!

After Amelia’s appointment Greg and I head over to Costco. We didn’t intend on buying all that we did, it was more to just look around and to do some window shopping. We ended up buying about $115 worth of food. Not too bad considering we have enough food for the next three weeks or more (excluding lunch meat, drinks and milk).

The rest of the day was uneventful. We were home a little before 1pm and we ate and played with Amelia for a few hours and then she took a nice long nap and I took a bit of a nap and Greg played the DS and did his thang on the interweb.

Once we were all awake, we ate dinner (left overs and mac-n-cheese) and watched Shrek all the while watching Amelia play with Jell-O and get it It was a huge mess, but adorable nontheless.

Friday was nice. I met Mom at Rips Resturant in Bowie. I was not impressed by the place. It was dark and dirty and the food had no flavor whatsoever. I won’t be returning in my present life time. But, I did have fun hanging out with Mom and Amelia. I took a few pictures and they are on Flickr. After lunch we headed over to Target and just walked around looking at items. Did a little shopping there. I picked up toilet paper and paper towels and other household items while Mom bought Amelia a ton of food, a new toy, and other odds and ends. Mom is spoiling Amelia to no end. Her argument is that she’s the grandma it that’s her job. I feel guilty about all that she buys for Amelia (and for Greg and I) and I try to repay her or at least show her how much Greg and I are thankful of her help. She brushes it off like it’s no big deal but it is to me.

Tomorrow Greg and I head up to Parkville for the monthly Ralston Social Club. We’re looking forward to this event. It’s nice to site outside and chat amongst neat people and cook on the charcol grill (the only way to cook on a grill in my opinion). As for Monday, Labor Day, we don’t have any plans set in stone. We might head down to Deale where my Grandma is and have a family get together if my cousin Nathan arrives from overseas. That’s all a toss in the air at the moment.

Thursday night I watched the two movies from Netflix and I am going to  write about my review on them later. For now all I can say is if you haven’t seen Happy Feet, don’t even bother. It.Was.The.Worst.Movie.I’ve.Ever.Seen.Period.

For now, I am going to play with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0.



2 thoughts on “Ready for Bed at 8pm

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe you didn’t like Happy Feet! We’ve seen it twice already! I loved the music and we thought it was just so smart and clever with a great enviromental message!

  2. Oh my goodness I can’t believe you didn’t like Happy Feet! We’ve seen it twice already! I loved the music and we thought it was just so smart and clever with a great enviromental message!

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