Holy Hotcakes, Batman!

Good Googlie-Mooglie is it busy today!

Sunday was a good day. The weather was nice, we had all the windows open, and such. Greg and I went to Target and bought the hangers, hamper for Amelia, laundry soap, trash can and cleaning supplies for less than $30 (and Greg thought it was going to be $60)!! By the time we were done at Target Greg and I were famished so we went over to Five Guys for their burgers. Greg and I have never tried Five Brothers before and we wanted to try something new. Personally, and I think Greg feels the same, I didn’t find their hamburgers that impressive. Honestly, they tasted just like the ones I cook on the stove. Now, their french fries are something to cry about! Mmm… good! Especially drowned in Malt Vinegar! Once lunch was over, we headed over to Giant and picked up lunch meat and breakfast ingrediants and then we headed home. Greg made a comment somewhere along the way about how convient everything is to the condo, referring to Target, Costco, and Giant (our three favorite stores). In theory, we could walk to all these places and I believe they’re all within a mile of the condo.

Once we were home and everything was put away, we just hung out. Played with Amelia, cleaned a little more (never got to my pile of clean clothes) and just did nothing. It was nice.

We gave Amelia a bath last night since she got so much food in her hair. She still doesn’t enjoy baths all that much yet loves the shower! She is a weird baby, but in a good way.

Once Amelia was in bed and asleep, Greg and I ate dinner (a roast from the crockpot) and watched The Mummy. Afterwards, he played some Civ and I worked on my puzzle. I didn’t get far because I was also texting a friend and I wasn’t able to really focus. So, after about an hour I gave up on the puzzle and went to take my shower and played a little of the DS. Greg came into the bedroom not too long after me. He read while I played the DS. We talked a little bit (there is something serious going on about his past that is pretty important to get straightend out – something we didn’t learn about until late last night) and then I fell asleep rather quickly.

**** Fast Forward to 4:05pm ****

I started this entry during my lunch break. I never finished and now it’s after 4pm! This day is really challenging for my patience. I am so tempted to throw the damn phone out the window due to the call volume and the people on the other end of the phone (which is the main reason I am getting all grumpy). God, I still have two more freaking hours here!

Will this day never end?

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