Are we done, yet?

Ok, I am through with work today and ready to go home. Not because of the bet Greg and I have, not because the callers have been complete asses, but because I’ve had my fill of the stress and frustration and BS from work. I swear some people are just so effing lazy. At least the right people know what the wrong people are doing. We’ll see what happens next.

I am thinking that my manager is going to hire my ex co-worker, Lisa, based on what he asked me last night: “Can she start on Monday?” LOL, silly manager. I replied with something along the lines of “Yep, but you might want to call her and confirm first” and I meant to call Lisa last night but I was too distracted and stressed and had a huge freaking headache. If I remember, I will call her once I am outta here.

Amelia’s first day at Mrs. L’s went very well. Mrs. L even wrote a report of all the activities Amelia did; when she was fed and how much she ate, as well as when her diaper was changed and what was in the diaper. Yeah, a little detailed. But, as long as Amelia is getting the developmental attention she needs then I am not complaining. The only ‘thing’ I have is that Mrs. L is a talker! I think she needs more adult conversations in her life. But I will admit it was such a good feeling when I walked into the room where Amelia was and saw the look on her face when she saw me and how excited she became (bouncing in the arms of Mrs. L). *Sigh* It was such a happy moment to end a completly stressful day.

In the meantime, Greg and I have been emailing back and forth through out the day and his last email stated this:

From: Greg S. [mailto:*****]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 3:28 PM
To: Jessica D
Subject: RE: Dr. Jessica Livingston I presume?

Not sure of that yet! We’ll see.

Jessica D <j******@*****.com> wrote:

Hmm… so it looks like we’ll be looking at engagement rings this weekend? 

From: Greg S. [mailto:*******]
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 2:34 PM
To: Jessica D
Subject: RE: Dr. Jessica Livingston I presume?
 Nope not one bit.  God work is a bitch today…busy as hell!

I should probaby start looking online just to see what is out there but I keep getting distracted by other things (such as calling Priority Partners to get Amelia’s healthcare information; contact Amelia’s doctor office to provide the account information AND to fax the information Mrs. L needs for her daycare; try to call Mom and see how she’s doing; and much much more).

 In other news…

I had a lunch date today. WS, and old FWB of mine, visited me for lunch. He works right down the street from me. WS and I haven’t seen each other in well over a year. He’s getting married at the end of October. The get together was nice; nothing special. He did compliment me on the new figure and hair style. I just thanked him. There was no flirting from me and he didn’t put the moves on or anything, but it was nice to hear him say how good I look and the other compliments. I’m pretty sure if I offered to do ‘other’ things he would have accepted (as he’s hinted about it in the past and I’ve told him many times that I am no longer available much less interested) and it’s kinda nice to know that I am still desired in ‘that’ way from other guys. A nice boost to the ego. Of course Greg knows of this lunch date as I tell him everything. He wasn’t/isn’t upset as he trusts me. We even joked about a few things afterwards (via email).

Which brings me to the thought about how the relationship with Greg is so much easier/nicer/better than the relationship I had with Adam and that thought is that Adam didn’t trust me; even after nearly seven years together he never trusted me. Adam would have totally flipped if I told him that I was going to have lunch with an old FWB (someone that I met BEFORE him). I was faithful to Adam until Aug of 2004 and at that time I told him what I was going to do/do because of him and his lack of interest/communication and my unhappiness with the relationship. So, I don’t feel that I ‘cheated’ on him since I told him what I was going to do or did.

Eh, I could go on and on about this but I’ve run out of time. It’s finally time to go the F home…



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