Are we there, yet?

Good grief this weekend can’t arrive fast enough! All I want to do is sleep!!

Last night, Greg didn’t get home until nearly 8pm or just after. Amelia was already fast asleep.  Greg and I watched a little Futurama as we ate hamburgers for dinner. Afterwards, we looked at rings online (briefly as I was so ready for bed by 9pm).  Then it was time for my shower and went to bed. Greg came in not too long after me and we just layed together and talked until 11pm. I feel asleep almost instantly as he was running his fingers through my hair.

When Greg arrived home he had a surprise for me: A bouquet of Lillies! I did take pictures of them last night, but I haven’t uploaded them. I don’t think I’ve ever recieved lillies before (usually roses or carnations). Nonetheless, it was a wonderful surprise.

I am still having issues with Flickr and them not updating my RSS feed. I want to be able to use my pictures here. Grr. They haven’t responded to my help request or post on their forum.

About the engagement ring…

For this engagement, I and looking at something different as in ring style. I really like antique rings as well as the three stone rings. I saw a few online that I liked, style wise but not price wise. Yeesh, when did engagement rings become so expensive? All the rings I looked at and liked were above the $1600 price tag. Greg thinks that is no big deal but I do. I don’t need a price tag to show how much he loves me. Also, he wants to get a ring that is at least two carats! I still think he’s nuts.  But, I am excited about how special he wants to make his proposal to me and I really can’t wait until he does so. I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s still exciting nonetheless.

Well, lunch is almost over… time to get ready to jump back in…


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