Grr… work is frustrating! Let’s just say that I really can’t wait until this day is over.

Last night I had some really weird dreams! One dream was a cross between The Simpsons and real life and that we were in France and that there was a show that a large group of buses and RV’s were going to perform and the other dream was Amelia playing the piano at the age of like 1 and I remember thinking “Holy shit, I have a child prodigy!”. No, I didn’t eat anything out of ordinary last night.

I really don’t have much to write about since I am still trying to calm down from work (deep breath in….. and out…..). If I have a free moment I’ll write more.


One thought on “Blah!

  1. Wouldn’t that be great if Amelia was a child prodigy?? You could travel the world and she would make you all rich!

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