Busy, Busy, Busy

Greg and I are going to be uber busy this weekend with family activities and S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!

Greg found out earlier this afternoon that his brother, Pat, is coming home for four days before leaving for active duty; it’s going to be a surprise for his Mom *Shh… don’t tell her*. Pat should be here by Saturday night so we don’t have to worry about missing time with him and we’re going to my Grandma’s on Saturday because my cousin is on leave from being on active duty and we’re having a family get-together!

I started this Wednesday night before I left work…

I am so happy that the nausea feeling left by the end of the day!

Horray for today being Thursday and my Friday since I won’t be coming to work tomorrow.

Last night Greg and I did some serious grocery shopping at Super Fresh. We spent $125 and had a cart full of items. We didn’t buy any meats or other items that we could get at a better price at Costco’s, so we’re going to go shopping there sometime this weekend (if we have time). Poor Amelia, she must have been starving (as were Greg and I) and she didn’t eat until 8pm and didn’t go to bed until 8:30pm; I don’t think I’ve ever saw her fall asleep so quickly as I did last night. But, she was a doll while at the store.

Once Greg and I were done with putting the groceries away and Amelia was fed and asleep we talked about what we should do with the The Most Excellent News; pretend we never saw it and save it for a later date vs. do and get everything we need/want and start fresh with all. So many decisions!

Last night as Greg and I were chatting and eating our pizza and talking about what to do with The Most Ecellent News I suddenly realized that this whole thing, the finances for Greg and I, is going to work out and we’re going to be fine. I can stop worrying. Greg isn’t going to lose his job and nor me and neither one of us plan on leaving because both our employers treat and pay us well; out debt to income ratio is much lower than others that we know and we are both responsible with our money since we don’t buy anything big (Wii; LCD television; laptop, etc) without discussing it with each other first; but believe me we’ve considered buying a lot of things that we don’t need right now but have been wanting for the longest time – self control!!!

Which leads me to the next subject – what to buy

Here are our needs:

  • New carseat for Amelia (need to buy 2)
  • New tires for Greg
  • Pay the entire balance of the BG&E bill
  • Clothes for Amelia and Me
  • Meat for dinners

Here are our wants:

  • Decent Photo Printer
  • Art for the walls of the condo
  • Picture Frames for our photos
  • Trip to Atlanta’s Aquarium
  • Nintendo Wii (except Greg wants to wait until Christmas – when they are going to be impossible to find)
  • New digital camera for Greg and/or myself

What to do – should we be good and only buy things that we need and put the extra into a savings account or get the really needed items and then have some fun and buy things that we want? Greg and I are torn.

Another idea that Greg and I have is to go out to a nice place for a nice dinner. I suggested The Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore Harbour Place but he would like to go somewhere more special and asked if I new of any place in Annapolis. I told him of the Chart House; I went there for my 16th and 21st birthdays. It’s a semi-formal restaurant and not some place we would take Amelia (which would mean we would need a sitter for the first time). After telling Greg about the restaurant he suggested that we save that for our anniversary. So, we’re back to square one with where to go for a nice dinner. I asked if there was any place in northern Baltimore that he’d like to go to (from when he lived up there) and I can’t think of any place other than the Chart House. I should call my girlfriend, Kara, and see what she suggests since she knows of all the great restaurants in Annapolis.

In the meantime, we are trying to surprise Greg’s Mom and get her out of the apartment and meet us at the state park for a cook out and then Pat make his apperance. Greg talked to his Mom last night to set things up and she said she would think about it since Sunday’s is her day to relax (she works two jobs); she still has no idea that Pat is coming and I think it’s going to be pretty hard to get her our of the house to go to the park, but we shall see. I asked Greg if he invited Pat to stay at our place and he hadn’t and that he was going to call and ask.

Greg has my divorce papers to mail to Adam via certified mail. Let’s see how long it takes for Adam to reply and so forth. I am tempted to email Adam to let him know that I am mailing the papers to give him a heads up but at the same time I don’t want to; why should I be the nice one? He hasn’t helped me one bit during this whole process whereas I’ve done everything and helped him with things unrelated to the divorce (information he needed for background checks and whatnot). I guess I just need to be a little less helpful and kind and start being a bitch, so to speak.  Can’t wait to see what responce I’ll get from him.

Greg and I also talked about heading up to Hagerstown, MD the first weekend of October to visit my girlfriend, Michele. Greg and I tried to go last year but we never made it and want to try again.

Next weekend, the 22nd, Greg is hosting the Venture Bros. Party. We’re actually excited by this because we have so many food ideas to serve to the guests! Plus, it’s fun to host a party and will be very entertaining since Amelia is now crawling.

Speaking of Amelia, Mrs. L told me last night as I was picking Amelia up that she thinks that Amelia ‘speaks’ to us when she is hungry by saying ‘ba ba ba’ for a bottle. She also mentioned it could be only a coincidence; but her reasoning is because Amelia is very verbal, in general, with noices and whatnot but it seems that Amelia is more clear with her ‘words’ when she becomes hungry. Mrs. L also wrote this on the daily report (along with a comment about how much Amelia is crawling now without pauses).  Slightly facinating. Greg and I talked about it last night and we don’t really think much of it since Amelia says more than just ‘ba ba ba’; we hear a lot of ‘be be be’ and ‘ya ya ya’ from her as well, bascially we’re not going to look into more than what we see.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that yesterday marked Amelia’s 8th month of birth! She’s now 8 months and one day old. She’s changed so much in the last 3 months and it’s amazing. She’s becoming more independant each day and her personality is really starting to show; which is cool and laid back (for now – wonder how long that’s going to last). I can not wait to see what she’s going to be like this time next year and I can’t wait until Christmas and decorating the condo and shopping for gifts and wrapping the gifts and everything. I should start shopping now – but I am such a procrastinator. Plus, I really want to do something special for Greg this year. At least I have a little time to think about some ideas.

Speaking of ideas, Greg has told me that he’s already thought of a place to propose to me but he isn’t sure if it’s ‘The’ place. Of course he won’t tell me where the place is. But it’s nice to know, again, that he’s begun putting ‘it’ together.

Wow, I’ve written 1414 words for this post. Yay me!


4 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. That’s such terrific news about Pat!

    Instead of buying a photo printer, have you thought of just having the photos printed online? It’s so cheap!

  2. That’s such terrific news about Pat!

    Instead of buying a photo printer, have you thought of just having the photos printed online? It’s so cheap!

  3. I have thought about and printed photos from online, Flickr, but at the same time I would like to be able to print the pictures out right away and be able to mail any pictures to friends and family who may not get online or have a computer.

  4. I have thought about and printed photos from online, Flickr, but at the same time I would like to be able to print the pictures out right away and be able to mail any pictures to friends and family who may not get online or have a computer.

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