Just Horrible

Has anyone heard about this?

This story is horrible! Greg told me about it last night and I looked it up this morning. I can’t believe anybody could treat another person like that!

After Greg told me about the story a discussion ensued about capital punishment. Personally, I’m all for it and for many reasons where as Greg feels that spending the rest of your life in jail is enough of a punishment.

Here is where we disagree:

Greg feels that because one is in jail he’ll miss life; going to get a burger whenever you want, summer days of sitting outside, being with close friends and family, and having the ability to do as you please when you please – whereas in jail a prisoner doesn’t have those advantages.

I feel that some prisoners have more luxury items than those who are not in prison (Adam was a correctional officer for the State of MD in Jessup for a little under two years and would tell me stories of some of the inmates and what privileges they have even though they committed serious crimes) and are trying to make a life for themselves. My argument to Greg’s statement was that a person who does such horrible crimes doesn’t think like he or me and probably doesn’t realize or care about the act of the crime and the consequences; they aren’t ‘normal’. Plus, our tax dollars are supporting their new lifestyle and with the over crowding that occurs in prisons – by keeping someone that should be put to death rather than life in prison – more than likely someone will be let out early on parole to make more room.

Now, as in the case of the article above, I feel those six people should be tortured as they did to the girl. Greg says that act would be for vengeance and he’s partly correct but for something as awful as what they did, they should live it too – wish for death (as I am sure the girl did) or wish to survive.

It’s people like these, the six who did this awful thing, that should not be allowed to live. What they did is unacceptable in society and I hope they are given the death sentence and it’s carried out.


2 thoughts on “Just Horrible

  1. That is horrifying! I agree with you. Those terrible people should get what they gave. An eye for an eye!

  2. That is horrifying! I agree with you. Those terrible people should get what they gave. An eye for an eye!

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