Thanks to Sean and Greg, we now have our own internet connection!

Thank goodness the day is over too. I am beat! Amelia is becoming more of a handful with her being so mobile now, and the stress with the bank (mental note: don’t go to the wachovia on rt 1 anymore) and the stupid person that should have taken the business inside rather than the drive thru and then discuss the business in public where we could all hear (why didn’t I go into the other lane you might be wondering – well because there were 5 other cars – then why not the ATM; well I did but they were out of deposit envelopes and I didn’t have any in my glove box – by now I was thinking of just fucking it and moving on – which I did).

The rest of the day was uneventful. Hung out with Aaron for a bit and then went back to Sean and Aarons place to get a few more items and then everyone ended up coming over to the condo and we ordered some pizza and played with the PS3 and worked on the networking for the computer and the wireless router. Yeah, totally exciting for a Friday off, huh.

I am looking forward to the weekend though. I can’t wait to see cousin Nate and spend time with the family (and it’s great to know that I will be able to upload the pictures now) and then hopefully on Sunday we’ll be able to go to the state park for a cook-out with Greg’s family. The weather is going to be amazing (as of present predictions) this weekend. Oh, and Sunday we get our new washer/dryer – we hope.

I am also looking forward to doing some shopping!!! Even though we’ve decided to only get the items that we need and put the rest away into a savings account –  I am still looking forward to this.

Anyway, it’s 11pm and I am tired. Catch ya later


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