• Cable Guy was late
  • Cable Guy wasn’t able to complete the cable order
  • Cable Guy didn’t have the wireless router/modem like other companies
  • Cable Guy was here for nearly TWO HOURS
  • Went to work and picked up my check
  • Went to the bank and waited… waited… waited.. in the drive thru…
  • Became impatient and left BEFORE I was able to make my deposit
  • Witness yet ANOTHER person wipe out on the beltway behind me
  • Surprise visit to Sean and Aaron’s place
  • Get wireless router; PS3; and other items to take to the Condo
  • Stop at the bank to make my deposit
  • Stop at Target and pick up new remote and some junk food
  • Arrive home, finally, to learn that I need to know the WEP Key1 to use the router
  • Text message with brother for a bit… nothing
  • PS3 won’t work because Aaron has it set up on HD for his tv
  • Have chicken nuggets cooking in the oven as I type
  • Also uploading pictures to Flickr
  • Can’t wait until Greg gets home!
  • And uploading pictures to Flickr

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