Saturday in Deale

The weather was great today! A great breeze and everything.

Amelia loved her bath this morning including the rubber duckie and I was able to put two cute pigtails in her hair and they were actually centered pretty well!

The drive was uneventful – had one stop to make to Comcast to turn in the boxes but according to Comcast they picked them up on 8/23 – which is wrong if I just gave it to them, right? Well, all the lady would do was tell me to call the supervisor. Whatever.

Amelia didn’t nap one second while we were down at my Grandma’s; there was too much to see and do!  She got to show off her new skills of crawling and holding the bottle all by herself; we got to feed the ducks and hang out with people she’s never met before – Cousin Nate (who was on leave from Iraq), his brother Alex and Mom Marie; She got to play with Olivia, some, and we had a few pictures taken (as usual, you can see them on Flickr – though most pictures are on Greg’s camera and the batteries are charging right now) and so much more! It was an exciting day nonetheless and tomorrow we’re going to have another busy day!

The washer/dryer is being delivered sometime between 7:45 and 9:45am. I dislike Sears since they will not let the customer choose which hours to have the delivery window. It sucks, but we’ve been waiting three weeks for this thing so I’m not going to complain. Once the washer/dryer is installed and working, then we’re going to get the car seats and some other shopping and once all that is done then it’s off to Greg’s Moms’ for a cook out. So busy!

Right now, this is what I feel like doing:

Sleeping Baby


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