My friend Lisa came over last night to celebrate the good news! It has been months since Lisa and I last saw each other (I believe it was in March the last time) so we had a lot of ‘ketchup’ to do! Ha ha ha…

We talked a lot about old PRP co-workers; who is where, who is working or isn’t working, etc. It was nice. It’s so much fun to talk about PRP and things related. 

When Lisa arrived I handed over Amelia to her and Amelia looked at her and began to cry (Amelia does the same to Greg’s Mom)! I really hope Amelia isn’t going to be one of those babies that will not let “strangers” hold her… Greg and I loved the fact that Amelia was happy no matter who was holding her… but at the same time this shows that Amelia has become attached to Greg and me and doesn’t like “strangers” holding her… I’ve also noticed that if I leave her sight she begans to get fussy until I pop my head around the corner or come back from the room… it’s just a weird realization that Amelia sees me as hers and her attachement to me… like I said in my last post – becoming a mother is a huge mental and emotional adjustment and I’m still adjusting to all of this.

Moving on…

Lisa and talked about getting together another time and going out for crabs. Last year, she and I went to some place in Glen Burnie called Seaside and had about two dozen crabs and we just chatted away and we want to go back to Seaside or go back to The Jetty on the Eastern Shore (The Jetty has all you can eat crabs and the two times that Lisa and I have been, we ate about 4-6 dozen each time – yeah, we can eat when it comes to crabs). I just hope that Lisa and I are able to do something soon before the crab season ends.

Lisa also talked about her family some and I asked how she’s been since her Mom passed in Feb 06 and with that discussion Lisa told me about an odd thing that happens whenever someone in her family passes: a picture falls from the wall. She told me that when her grandmother, brother, sister, cousin, mother and I believe her father passed – no matter where Lisa was a picture fell off the wall. I thought that was freaky. Lisa also told me that her mother died on the exact day and time that her father died only eleven years apart. Again, freaky.

Lisa also talked about her recent dating experiance and things that are going on in her life. It was really good to see her and just sit down and talk…

And pretty soon, Lisa and I will be seeing each other every day!


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