“Time keeps on ticking…”

“… into the future…”

You know the song, right? 

I can’t believe it’s already the 20th of September! This month has flown by so quickly, as well as this week. Where has the time gone? It seems like it was last week that Greg and I signed the lease for the condo and here we realize that we’ve been livingat the condo for a hair over a month!

Last night Greg and I stayed up way too late. First, Top Chef didn’t end until 11pm (so happy Dale is in the top four), then I took my shower and Greg and I headed to the bedroom around 11:30 and neither of us were tired, which is unusual for us (since we seem to crash around 10pm on any other night). We ended up flipping through the Dell catalog that came in the mail last night and talking about laptops and so forth. Then Greg tells me that he almost bought me a laptop yesterday. I was blown away when he told me this, especially after I’ve told him that I don’t need the laptop anymore AND that he wants to surprise me with something so significant (aside from an engagement ring)! After that we did… other things… and finally made it to bed around one.

Both of us had some really weird dreams last night and have been having really weird dreams for some time now! My dream involved old PRP co workers and the new company that has evolved from the old CEO and how she was only inviting select people from PRP to work for her new company and she asked me to work there! I was in utter shock and didn’t give an answer. That’s the only part of the dream that I can remember at the moment.

Today has been pretty nice. Work hasn’t been as busy as it’s been recently; which has given me the time and ability to write some pretty lengthy emails today to a couple people. Plus, Greg and I have been writing naughty emails to each other all afternoon. I love that Greg and I are able to communicate to each other through out the work day. It really helps to hear from him when and if I have a bad moment or day, not saying that my day today has been bad (complete opposite actually).


Have I mentioned how great it is to feel so in-love with someone? I am feeling all warm and emotionally happy inside. I can’t wait to leave work and get home and be with Greg; be held by him and feel his hands on my back (or butt) as he hugs me and then to feel the tickle of his facial hair on my cheek as he kisses my forehead.

I’m thinking of some “things” to do tonight with Greg… and I’m feeling pretty seductive and sneaky…

Good times are going to be had by all!


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