Night full of Action

I beat Greg home and was starting dinner when Greg called…

“My tire blew out!” Said Greg.

“Shit! Are you ok? Where are you? Do you need me to come and get you?” Said Jess.

“Nah, I’m fine. Actually, I’m on the other side of the trees. You could probably see me if there weren’t any leaves.” Replied Greg.

“Oh! At least you’re close to home. You’re not on the bad part of that exit ramp are you?” Asked Jess.

“Nah, just after it. I really lucked out on a place to have a blow out. I’m going to put the spare tire on. See you in a bit.” Confirmed Greg.

“Ok. Call me if you need help” Said Jess.

…. Twenty minutes pass ….

“My spare tire is flat!” Exclaimed Greg

“Is it flat flat? Can you make it to the parking lot?” Said a calming Jess.

“Yeah, I think I can but should I?” Asked Greg

“I feel you should. It’s only a quarter mile of a drive at best, plus you don’t want to leave the car there on that exit ramp – especially with the way people speed and usually loose control at times.” Said Jess

“You’re right. Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Concluded Greg

Once Greg made it home, he called a tow truck and about two hours later his car was off to the tire shop – where I dropped him off this morning.

Around 11:15pm Greg and I heard screeching tires (as we hear on a regular bases) and then the telltale crunch of metal- but three crunches!! Greg and I were like – Holy Shit! that sounded like a multi car accident! I called 911 and requested service. Ambulances and police cars arrived a few minutes later and left (well, the ambulances did). Then, a neighbor who also heard the accident went out to see and told Greg and me that it was a SUV that hit the median!! Greg thinks the SUV rolled based on what we heard. By 12am, we heard the tow truck in progress and all the horrible noises with it. Greg thinks the SUV was really eff’ed up and probably in bits and pieces.

Exciting night!


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