Thinking Out Loud

Greg has taken today and tomorrow off of work, so he is probably sitting at home in front of the computer playing SimCity with the TV on, and I bet he’s only wearing shorts. LOL But, Greg is going to pick Amelia up from Mrs. L’s and is planning on cooking dinner tonight! I can’t wait to get home!

Work has been busy from the first second of arriving and it looks like it’s going to be another busy week. But, there are new hires on the floor so hopefully work won’t be a repeat of last week…

Greg and I are talking about taking a small road trip this weekend to Delaware to visit Sonic since we’ve been talking about this trip for nearly a year (and the constant commercials on cable aren’t helping)! Then in October we’re planning on visiting Prime Outletsin Hagerstown for some much needed shopping (myself and Amelia’s needs) and maybe while we’re up in Hagerstown, we’ll visit Catoctin State Park again and take more pictures of the fall scenery.

*** FF to 4:14 ***

Whew! It has been so so busy! Which is very good since I’ve cleared up something about our commission payout, and if I can keep my retention at 90% or higher for the remainder of the week, my potential commission could be $1200-$1400 for this month (payable in October)!! *Crossing my fingers*

I received an email from Adam today. He’s received the certified letter for his signature yet didn’t know where to sign; which I just don’t understand – this guy is smart, has a BS degree in poli sci and was planning on becoming a lawyer yet doesn’t understand where he needs to sign on the divorce forms. Even I can figure it out. I replied where where I think he needs to sign and suggested he contact the court house for clarification (to which I am sure he’ll respond to ask me to do it to which I will respond with a ‘no’).

So, has anyone else played with iGoogle? I’ve been playing with it some today (in between calls and during my lunch hour), trying to see if I like or not. I don’t use my gmail account as much as my Yahoo account (had Y! much longer), but there are some fun things on iGoogle. I like that is linked to iGoogle, which is a fun application to use (currently, my birthday was 7 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day ago and Amelia is 8 months and 1 week old), as well as trivia questions, quotes and so forth.  Eh, just something to ponder.

Well, I believe I am done with the writing. It’s too busy to really sort out my thoughts and the constant interruption anoys the living… well you get what I mean…


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