Must See TV

Ok, so the new season for TV has begun!

Last night Greg and I watched season two of Heroes and the pilot episode for Journeyman – both of which started out great! So, we were up past 11pm due to all the TV viewing pleasures. The 8-9pm hour we were unable to find anything to watch, so we flipped through the cable channels and watched a little of this and a little of that until it was time for Heroes.

Sunday night’s episode of Family Guy was awesome! Greg and I were laughing so much together (he laughing louder and waking Amelia at times) and we are eager to see what’s in store for this season.

For Tuesday, we don’t have anything ‘scheduled’ to watch, so anything is possible. I do see that the newest season of The Biggest Loser has begun (missed the first episode) so maybe we’ll start watching that. And, then there is House; who doesn’t love this show? I don’t know if Greg is into it or not, but I am (though not a hardcore fan). I am looking forward to getting back into this show.

Wednesday is all about Top Chef.

Thursday is set for Ugle Betty and maybe Grey’s Anatomy (haven’t decided if I’m into that show).

So far, that’s all that I am looking forward to for the network television!


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