This, That, and the Other Part II

Not much to really write about…

Work is uber busy; last week for customers to call in and enroll for the promotion that we’re offering (which is a good deal).

Still sleepy even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour (11pm-ish).

Watched House and The Biggest Loser last night (House was more interesting).

Looking forward to watching Top Chef tonight (as if Greg).

Greg and I had our first “fight” last night (although I wouldn’t call it a fight, but he did). More about that later.

Sunday is Michele’s birthday and Monday is my brother’s birthday and I haven’t gotten either a single thing, yet.

I’ve already thought of three things to get Greg for Christmas; three things that I know he will enjoy and use every day. I just have to decide which one to get.

My horoscope for today states: Someone will say something shocking today that will leave you stunned with amazement — but it will also give you a moment of contemplative pause. What they said might be unusual, but it is not incorrect. And, as you mull it over as the day continues, you’ll see that it’s not really all that shocking after all. You have the freedom to open your mind and rearrange a few things inside of it, so consider doing so today. Expand your ideas and you’ll expand your soul.  I am very intrigued.

Ok, so about the “fight” Greg and I had: Greg was a little irritated at me for not wanting to feed Amelia since he did it that morning and the night before plus that he had to get some papers from the Doctors office for the new sitter, start dinner,  as well as get Amelia from Mrs. L’s. He felt that he had so many chores to do on his day off. Ok, I can see his argument, but then I brought up how I usually feed Amelia every morning while he’s making our lunches, I take Amelia to Mrs. L’s every morning and pick her up every evening, I am always home before he and start dinner as soon as I get home, wash all of Amelia’s bottles and bowls, and generally clean the kitchen. So, while he made it sound that he was doing a lot for a day off, I do more when I don’t have a day off. I hate playing the “I do more than you do” card but I felt I had to point out all the things I do on a daily basis. He agreed that I do more than him and then felt bad for complaining. Now, I am by no means complaining about all that I do for Amelia or in this relationship. Greg does a lot of things that I don’t do (such as taking the trash out) and we have a mutual agreement about a lot of things regarding the apartment who takes care of what task/chore. That is why I don’t feel we had a “fight” but more of a venting about doing items when it was the last day of a mini-vacation. In any event, Greg apologised to me and ‘made it up’ to me later.

Other than that, the night was uneventful. Watched the TV and went to bed.

I did have a dream that Amelia was walking/running which freaked the hell out of me in the dream because Amelia was still the size she is presently and in the dream I remember thinking: She just started crawling and now she’s running? After that I didn’t sleep well for the rest of the morning. I was pretty much up from 4:30 and on.

Work, again, has been uber busy; busiest day of the week, thus far. I would love nothing more than to take a day off, as did Greg, and just relax at home. But I know I would get totally bored and wish I was at work.


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