Up too Late

Greg and I stayed up WAY too late watching the Colorado Rockies game. It was way too exciting to not watch it! Anyone else see the game?

Hereos was good last night. What is everyones thought about this season? I know it’s only the second episode but to me it seems like the story line is going in reverse, kinda like Star Wars. Greg didn’t see it at first, when I brought it up, but when the Memory Snatcher showed up at the Print Place, the pieces began to fall in place, sorta. And that toe snipping was gross! Even if I knew my toe would grow back I still don’t think I would

Then there is Journeyman. Greg and I like the show, but it’s very simular to Early Edition (if you remember that show from the late 90’s to early 2000) The only interesting twist in Journeyman is his old fiancee is part of the ‘journey’ and I am curious as to where that relationship is going to go. I mean, if someone that you were maddly in love with and was going to marry dies or disappears in a plane crash then reappears in your life 9 years later – where are your feelings? Are you still in love with this person? Would you want to be with them in that way? Especially if you’ve moved on (or so you thought) with your life and married someone else (the ex girlfriend of your brother) and had a child – where would your heart be? That twist reminds me of that Tom Hanks movie Castaway.

Greg and I are looking forward to the season finale of Top Chef. I am still rooting for Dale but I have a feeling Casey will win.

Moving on…

I stopped by my brother’s last night since it was his 25th birthday. Gave him a hug and hung out for a few minutes. Amelia tried to eat the dog food. Sean’s remark was “Wow, you really do have to keep an eye on her now a days!” Yeah, Sean… Amelia is no longer an infant, she’s on her way to becoming a toddler. Amelia has begun to climb up onto things and has pulled herself up to a standing position! All in the last three weeks and she’s not even nine months old (though there are only 10 days before she’s nine months old)!

When I got home from my brothers, Greg was already cooking dinner; such a lovely surprise!

Amelia was wide awake and playful for most of the night. Finally, around 8 we put her to bed. She went down pretty easily, but woke up a little after 11. I went into her room, picked her up and held her until she fell back asleep in my arms. Such a loving moment. It’s going to be so weird when she starts calling Greg or me ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’. Which, I swear she said Daddy this morning as I was getting her out of the car. Last week, Greg and I heard “Oh Boy” come out of her mouth but we didn’t know what it meant since Greg and I never say that phrase (unless it’s said at Mrs. L’s).

Yeesh! There is less than three months until Christmas! Greg is trying to plan a small trip to Detroit so we can visit his step mom, Denise, and step sister, Renee. Denise has been dying to meet Amelia. My impression of Denise is that she is the ultimate girly girl – something I am not or no where near being.  So, when we visit Detroit, it should be interesting I’m sure.


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