Wednesday So Soon?

I can not wait until this cycle starts and ends! Last night I was in an argumentive mood (not the whole night, just for about two hours). I was a little cold with Greg on a few conversations; but that all went away by the time we went to bed. Plus I’ve been having more headaches lately and some episodes of light headed-ness.

Lisa called me last night; she’s received her employment packet and is going to start on the 15th! Pitty I won’t be here on her first day (I will be in Delaware), but she is excited as all hell! She says she can’t stop smiling and her happiness shows where she’s currently working and her co-workers are commenting. Someone else who used to work with Lisa and me at PRP works with Lisa; this person we never thought highly of – only because she is so lazy when it comes to work and doing her job. Lisa and I have very high work ethics and this person does not. Anyway, when this person, we’ll call her ‘N’, found out that Lisa was leaving the company and coming to work with me, ‘N’ became all pissy and jealous, according to Lisa. ‘N’ told Lisa that she was going to submit her resume to here and try to get a job. Lisa and I both laughed and both agreed that we would not recommend ‘N’ to anyone who asked at this place. Besides, this place doesn’t usually hire directly – they go through temp services; it’s just on rare occassions they ask current employees if we know of anyone to refer. Thus began the reunion of Lisa and Jess as co-workers once more!

This Sunday is the October Ralston Social Club and instead of it being in the afternoon, it’s going to be in the morning for a brunch! And, all brunch items will be cooked on the grill! I believe Greg signed us up for pancakes. I am looking forward to this event.

The Condo Guy wrote us back last night and informed us that he’s ordered a new washer/dryer through Best Buy (a place I suggested). As of yet, I have no idea when it’s going to arrive. Hopefully this weekend, preferrably on Saturday. And, hopefully this experiance will be much better than that with Sears. What a nightmare Sears was!

I just realized that Greg and I don’t have any plans this Saturday. We don’t have to run any errands (as of yet); no family event to attend; no party hosting; no deliveries or installations (as of yet); etc. So weird!

Oh! Get this; Brooke is leaving the company (where Greg and her husband, Tim, work). Brooke is a graphic artist. In the department, it’s just her and one other – some guy – which is the reason she’s seeked employment else where. Brooke’s last day is the 11th, a Thursday. She wants to take the 12th, a Friday, off to have a day to get ready for the new job since she starts on the 15th. Well, the other graphic artist asked Brooke if she would work on that Friday so HE could have that day off! Can you believe that!?! Brooke said no.

This week, even though it’s Wednesday, has flown by! The time at work is moving quickly which makes the week move quickly!

Tonight is the season finale of Top Chef, which means it’ll be another late night of TV watching for us.  Lately, we’ve been staying up late watching TV. We haven’t gone to bed before 11pm in nearly a week; which is unusual for us, or at least me.

Well, I’ve delayed this posting long enough. I don’t think there is anything else I can write about for now…

Oh yeah – Greg killed my curiosity – it’s a no. I understand his reasoning but my argument is that it isn’t like we don’t know of each other and such! Oh well.


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