Girly Stuff & Other

Well, “IT” is here; had a little pre-party with my body yesterday too! I’m am just not feeling well today. This “IT” has really hit me hard. The headaches and dizzy spells; the cramping and squeezing; the over all feeling of being ‘blah’; ugh – and there is nothing I can do for it but wait it out.

I feel so exhausted and drained of energy. I know this is all due to “IT” but in the past I’ve never felt this exhausted!

Also, I’m sure this has some to do with all the stress Adam is giving me due to being a complete moron and not knowing how to properly sign a simple form.  I was so angry last night when I looked over the forms and saw that he didn’t sign where he needs to; but rather than call the court house for help, he decided to sign under my name. That is such an idiotic thing to do! If you don’t know – you ask! How hard is that?

I am thankful that work has finallyslowed down; mostly due to more people assisting us in the marketing department. But, I am pretty much done with talking to New Jersey people. The way they talk on the phone annoys me to no end – their habits are practically every pet peeve I have for phone manners and grammar. Mainly, I get so annoyed when they say “yous” for everything; “Yous sent me this..” or “Yous never told me that…” and “I got a letter from yous…”

I’m thinking about going hom early. I haven’t called out sick or left early from work since last October. I hate leaving early; I feel like I am quitting.

Poor Greg, he’s having a bad day; although not because of work but because of something in his past. All he wants is a quiet year – a year where he doesn’t have to worry about ‘it’ (not to be confused with my “IT”).  I feel bad for him; he was screwed in 2004. But, in time, this will pass and everything will be in the past and then we won’t have to worry about it anymore.


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