It’s Friday… But…

… I’m not feeling that Friday excitment.

Even when I got up this morning, my brain wasn’t in HAPPY FRIDAY mode. Probably due to the over cast. What I wouldn’t give to be able to sleep in on a weekday when the morning is still dark and cool…

I did go home early yesterday. I tried to take a nap. My head was hurting just as much as it is now… but my mind wouldn’t relax, even though my body did. I swear it felt like I melted into the bed. It felt great. But I couldn’t fall asleep. So, I watched Crossing Jordan for two hours. I fogot how much I enjoyed that show.

Around 6, I got outta bed and began making dinner – hamburgers. I slowly cooked them coverd this time. They turned out pretty good (added a lot of spices to the bag and mixed it up pretty good before forming little hamburger patties).

Watched Ugly Betty, though dissappointed in the episode; it was good, but not as good as last weeks. Don’t remember what I did after Ugly Betty. Oh, now I do! I took a shower! LOL, I’m feeling pretty absent minded right now, don’t mind me. Anyway, by 10pm I was in the bed watching South Park. Good stuff. And I had Greg next to me petting me and kissing my legs which actually felt pretty good, to my surprise.

Sleep was weird. Had some odd dreams, though I can’t remember them at this moment (damn headache).

This day has been uneventful. Work was nice and slow and I spent 40 minutes on the phone with ONE CUSTOMER. It was a good time – sorta. The customer and I are complete opposites with likes and interests and declaired that we wouldn’t be a good match. Plus, he was already married.

But, it’s 6pm and time to leave!


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