Time To Be A Bitch

Below are the emails that Adam and I have exchanged during the last two weeks; beginning with my reply this morning: 

Why didn’t you call the court house for clarification? Also, I told you where to sign (or at least where I thought you should sign) and you didn’t even sign on that page! And you forgot to date the signature! It doesn’t seem like you’re paying attention, Adam. What are you doing up there? 

—– Original Message —-

From: Adam D <crown_*****@yahoo.com>

To: Jessica Dean <frye79@yahoo.com>

Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2007 6:46:37 PM

Subject: Re: Mail

Sorry about that. Why don’t you underline where you want me to sign? The post office sent the original letter back to me saying I didn’t have enough postage, so I guess you can see this I want to do this right and get it over with.

Take Care,

AdamJessica Dean <frye79@yahoo.com> wrote: Oct 4



You signed the wrong page. If you’re confused, call the court house; their number is on the papers.


I’m going to have to re-mail them for your signature.


Jessica Dean <frye79@yahoo.com> wrote:


I believe that if you look on page 2 of 3 of the DR 50 form (where the bottom of the page states: “Certificate of Service”) after question 10, the next paragraph starts with: FOR THESE REASONS, I request the Court…

check the middle box (Grant the relief requested in the Complain/Petition/Motion.) and then sign where is asks for the signature and date.

Again, I think that is where you need to sign, but if you have any questions – call the court house (phone number is provided in the packet) to be certain.


—– Original Message —-

From: Adam D <crown_*****@yahoo.com>

To: Jessica Dean <frye79@yahoo.com>

Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 3:49:43 PM

Subject: Re: MailHi Jess,I got your letter with the papers today. But where do you want me to sign them? The directions you sent with the papers don’t make sense because there is nowhere to sign the papers on the copy with the red stamp.I am confused. Please clarify so I can get this sent to you asap.

Take Care,



I am fuming right now; telling me what to do to make things easier for him (“Why don’t you…”). What the hell! This guy hasn’t done shit towards this divorce process other than delay everything. He hasn’t paid anything nor what little he has done (check his mail box) he’s fucked up. This will be the FOURTH time I mail the divorce papers to him; FOURTH TIME!

I am tempted to dive to PA (where’s he staying with his girlfriend that doesn’t know he’s married) and get him to sign the papers. Obviously he needs help reading a damn form.

I am done being nice to him, it’s time to be a bitch.


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