Still an Idiot

Whatever, Jess. I am tired of taking all the blame every time something doesn’t go exactly how you want it to.  Just mail the damn thing, I’ll sign it everwhere possible and mail it back to you.

Jessica Dean <> wrote:

Hey, I’m trying to make this a fight either, but I am TIRED of having to do EVERYTHING about this and when we were together, Adam. You don’t seem to understand.

I’m sorry that you feel your life fell apart. But, only you can put the peices back together. You have to work for it and possibly change; prevent history from repeating.

I am not going to do this. I worked very hard for our relationship and I’m done with doing ALL the work. You are going to have to chip in and do some work as well.

Adam is still being a dick.

About five minutes later, Adam sent the following email:

Look, I am not trying to start a fight. Sorry if the last message was a little rough. Please just mail the paperwork to me.

My reply was:

What did you mean by “I am tired of taking all the blame every time something doesn’t go exactly how you want it to.”? Aside from this whole signature on the wrong page, what the hell have I blamed on you? Are you referring to our relationship; if so that is something completely different because you didn’t want to try and go to counseling.

I’m not at fault for this. I’ve done everything and laid everything out for you; all you need to do is sign the paper (in the right place) and mail it back. Very simple task on your end.


P.S. You’ve been telling me that you’re going to send a check for about five months now. Good thing I’m not waiting on baited breath for you to keep your promise.

Am I trying to hurt his ‘man hood’ by telling him that he can’t keep his promises and that he can’t follow simple papers? Yes, I am a little. I’m not a bad person, in general, but he brings the bitch out of me at times like this. I just want to scream at him and tell him how stupid he’s being; how someone who was going to school to be a lawyer doesn’t understand something so simple. I want to make him feel small and bad for himself. I also want him to see the reality of ‘this’ with ‘this’ being that I am not going to do everything for him.

I have placed the forms back in the mail. I did not mark where he needs to sign. He’s going to have to figure that out for himself.

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