“blue moon…”

Not feeling so happy today.

Feeling irritated; angry; sad and depressed; and lonley of all things.

I took a trip down memory lane and read a lot of my blog entries from back in 2004/2005. I am still trying to figure out if it was a good trip or a bad trip.

I am sure I’ve been short with customers on the phone; very argumentive (and trying to hold in the urge to yell at customers) at times.

Since “IT” has packed up and left, I am wondering if my mood has anything to do with it. Normally, I’m not effected when “IT” is over – but this cycle has been completely different than any of the more recent ones.

Yet, I don’t feel I have anything to be irritated (well, I do sorta) about, or angry, sad, depressed, and lonely about.

This one is going to be tricky to try and figure out.


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