Grumble Grumble

Feeling pretty annoyed, peeved, angry, etc. I’m sure Adam has some part in this, which has started the ‘snowball to hell’ effect.

I’m beginning to get annoyed with Greg and his lack of doing what he says he will do. Last week he said he was going to call ‘someone’ to get clarification about something (I believe this was on Tuesday), when I asked him if he’s followed up on his ‘tasks’, he says no (the other task is to close out the storage unit – as it’s been vacant and empty since the end of Aug and we’re still being billed for it. I would close it out but I am not on the account – so I’m not allowed). It’s been almost a week and it seems this is going to be a repeat of the same shit from earlier this year; meaning he says he’s going to do something that I’ve requested and then forget about it – even though I do remind him. And that thought annoys me and I become angry. I am going to give Greg another week to complete this one task – without me reminding him. If he doesn’t do the one task, then I am pretty sure we’ll have a discussion about it (reminding him how when he forgets to do something like this it makes me feel he doesn’t respect my feelings regarding the request – and the fact that he promised he would do it and that he’s not keeping his promise, which is something I hate doing but if I didn’t request this then it wouldn’t be important).

Sometimes I feel like I am being bossy towards Greg and I hate that feeling. I’ve asked Greg if he feels that I am being bossy to him and he says no and that sometimes he needs the reminder or ‘push’ to do something; which makes me feel like I am knit picking at the relationship.

I’m going to try and stop by my brother’s tonight. My Mom told me that she sent Sean home with some things for Amelia from Sandy (clothes). I say try because at this moment, I don’t feel like going over yet at the same time I don’t feel like going home. I think right now I want to be alone but I know that isn’t possible. Sean and I exchanged a few text messages earlier in the afternoon and I could feel myself getting annoyed by him – which isn’t good since he didn’t really say anything that would warrent the annoyed feeling.

Tonight should be interesting with Greg and my mood.


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