Today is Another Day

It’s Tuesday.

So far, nothing special – but maybe the day will end better than yesterday.

I stopped by Sean and Aaron’s last night. We hung out for about 20-30 minutes. Amelia was getting into everything; Max’s water bowl and dog food mainly, so we moved that up and out of her reach. I went through the bag of clothes from Sandy and a majority of them are too small for Amelia. So, now I have to figure out if April would want them or if I should just take them to The Salvation Army along with other clothes that no longer fit Amelia. Maybe I will do that this weekend…

Greg had a bad day at work so he was in a grumpy mood as well. Turns out he did call ‘someone’ but they weren’t available so he says he’ll call again.

I didn’t write Adam back and so far I haven’t received anything from him since Sunday (thankfully).

Nice to see that the Yankee’s are out!

Hereos was ok, up until the end when it got better. Journeyman was interesting – more along the lines of him talking to his ex and his wife findnig out – after she asked him if he’s ran into anyone from the past. You shouldn’t lie, dude.

Just sent my cousin April an email to see if she wanted to get together on Saturday since Greg and I are heading down to Waldorf to meet my Mom. Also mentioned that I have some season appropiate clothing for Olivia if she was interested.

Not much to write at this moment. May come back later.


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