At Least It’s Friday…

I have mixed emotions about today’s events.

I’ve spent a majority of the morning and afternoon working on this post for Amelia’s blog. I’m not completely satisfied with the way it turned out so I may edit it later. It’s been pretty steady at work so my focus was constantly interrupted.

Greg and I have exchanged a few emails and phone calls about the events of the paycheck and what to do. He’s tossed around the idea of going to Baltimore Harbour Place and hanging out there and maybe going to the Maryland Science Center (since I’ve been wanting to go for years). But, my heart is/was still set for Ocean City. I’m thinking that we’ll just do the day trip (we now get to decide what day to go – thinking it will be Sunday for the brunch at Fenwick Inn) and just go to have fun before the holidays kick in and the colder weather. Maybe on Monday we’ll hang out in Baltimore and visit the local tourist spots just for the hell of it. It’s going to be hard NOT TO get out and do something with the beautiful weather that is ‘predicted’ (I never trust the meteorologists in Maryland)  for this weekend.

Other than that the day has been uneventful-ish. It’s been steady and I am racking up the retention ratio for my October commissions (which will hopefully be paid on time) so that is good.

I took another trip down memory lane was was reading more events of 2005/2006. It’s such a weird feeling to do that. It’s not bad, but it brings up a lot of emotions from back then and I feel a little blue at times.

But, I have Amelia’s check-up tomorrow morning to look forward to. I am dying to know how much she weighs and how tall she is. Not too excited about the shots as it will make her a little irritable for Mom. Also, I am curious if she’s starting to go though seperation anxiety and her leaving with Mom will give me an idea.

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