Date Night

Amelia is at my Mom’s for the next week.

Since Greg and I have decided not to go to Ocean City this weekend, we went out to dinner tonight. It’s been a couple of months since Greg and I have been on a date.

We wanted to go somewhere new; somewhere we’ve never been before.

We decided on Houlihan’s in Columbia.

Wow! This place is amazing! 

The wait was about 40-45 min when we arrived around 6:15pm.

Once we were paged and seated, the “WOW” value went up and up…

First, the menu’s are great; they’re entertaining and have a great description of the food:



And our meals look just as we pictured:

French Dip 

Brentwood Chicken:

And, the delicious Raspberryade:


I could go on and on about the food and the amazing flavors but words do not come to my mind to paint a picture for all those reading this. I HIGHLY recommend you try this place and to order the Thai Chile Wings. Greg and I will defeintly be returning to this place in the very near future.

After dinner, Greg and I headed over to Best Buy to look around at all the cool toys and such. Greg and I are considering buying a Samsung flat panal tv with my bonus money from referring Lisa. We’re also considering buying his dream camera and the lenes as well as funding the Seattle trip and so many other things. It’s going to be very hard to decide which to do.

While at Best Buy we did purchase some DVD-R’s for the VCR/DVD recordable thing my Mom bought about a year ago. My Mom asked Greg and I to record some old VHS tapes onto a DVD so we got the stuff to do that and we bought ourselves a new game; I bought a new game for the PSP and Greg bought a new computer game.

All in all this was a very good Saturday!




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