Just Writing

Amelia’s appointment went very well. She received two shots and screamed at the top of her lungs, of course. I think she’s going to be like me when it comes to needles: scared as all hell and hate them.

Amelia weighs only 18.4 pounds. I was expecting more. I’m not concerned that she’s not as heavy as I thought she would be, and actually I am slightly relieved since I worry about her gaining too much weight. And the doctor reassures me that her height (which is now 27 1/4 inches) and weight are proportionate and that’s what matters (He could sense that I was afraid she was either too skinny or too fat).

After her appointment, Greg and I headed down to Waldorf and met up with Mom at the usual place: Hong Kong Buffet. Lunch was so-so. Mom was excited to see Amelia and all the new things that she can do – especially the clapping. Greg and I didn’t stay too long and headed back north. We toyed around with the idea of heading over to Dulles, VA to visit the newer Air and Space Museum but decided against it. Instead, we planned on doing all our errands today and then use Sunday and Monday as fun days. Of course that all went out the window as soon as Greg and I made it home and layed on the bed. We melted into the mattress and became so relaxed… and then we began to do otherthings (which we also did in the morning before we left for Amelia’s appointment – something got into Greg…). Afterwards we talked about what to do for dinner since we forgot to take something out of the fridge. Greg mentioned that there were new restaurants in Columbia and we decided to head over in that area. I’ve already written a post about Houlighan’s and such.

As for the rest of the weekend, Greg and I are talking about going to Washington, DC and visit some of the museums and just to the tourist things. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve visited any museum in DC and it would be nice to get out and walk around the monument and such. We haven’t completely decided on what we’re going to do since we’re also talking about visiting Baltimore’s Inner Harbour and visiting the Maryland Science Center. This is going to be a hard decision!


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