This is weird…

Greg and I miss Amelia. A lot. It’s so weird not having her here. It’s weird to be able to sleep until 9am without interruption. It’s weird to no hear her squeeks and squeels and laughter and her hands and knees thumping the floor when she’s crawling. This is totally weird.

Mom, on the other hand, is having a great time with Amelia. I spoke with Mom last night while Greg and I were in Best Buy. Mom told me that she bought Amelia some teething cookies and gave her one while still in the store… the mess that Amelia made while *trying* to eat the cookie is indescribable. Amelia got the cookie all over the place; she was so messy Mom had to give Amelia a bath when they got home. But, it’s all worth it. Mom called me this morning and told me that Amelia is chasing the dogs all over the house and is having a great time. She also mentioned that she’s trying to teach Amelia how to give kisses. I mentioned to Mom that I was trying that earlier this week and all that Amelia would do is stick her tongue out…

Greg and I have talked about what to do today and have decided to nix the Maryland Science Center because there is a Ravens game tonight and that would mean massive traffic – cross that off the list and as for DC, we’re, or I, am not in the mood to drive all the way to Dulles, VA and then into DC for The Holocaust Museum. So, for today we’re going to head up to Cockeysville/Hunt Valley and do some putt-putt golf, visit Valley View Farms and then maybe stop by Greg’s favorite road side food stand, Charcoal Deli. Tomorrow, Monday, we’re planning on going into Baltimore for some fun and sights.


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