Trip to the Farm

Yesterday, Greg and I headed up to Cockeysville/Hunt Valley. Greg used to live and work up there and that is where Adam lived when we were dating (and his family still lives up there). So, we’re both pretty familiar with the area. It’s always an odd feeling when we go up there. So many places have changed – like the new Target (I remember when they were braking ground for the store), the bank that used to be a Friendly’s, the whole Hunt Valley Mall is pretty much a memory since it’s been completely redone and built up and put in a Wigwams! I remember when the movie theater was built and the Wal-Mart. It’s like visiting an area that you spent so much time in only to see that it’s not what you remember.

Greg drove by his old job, MicroProse. The company has been out of business for many years. I asked Greg as we pulled up to the suite if it was weird for him and he said yes. His early 20’s were spent at this company with his two best friends (which Greg was living with as well) and those times were probably some of his happiest memories. I’m still trying to get Greg to contact Jeff and Doug for a get together but time is always against us.

Anyway, back to the trip to the farm!

I love Valley View Farms! This place is so much fun to explore. Greg and I were there for about 2 hours just walking around and taking pictures. I asked Greg if we wanted to get a pumpkin and he said no because we have no where to put it and I told him that we have a completely empty balcony! He still said no. Then I asked if we wanted to get some fall mums or pansies and again  he said no because he thinks that we’ll kill them. I confirmed with my Mom that they would survive the winter because that’s what they do and he still said no. He would rather wait until spring. I then told him that he’s not being any fun.

But, we continued with looking at the pumkins and the varieties of pumpkins and then we wondered over to the largest pumkin ever. This pumkin weighed 1,086 pounds!


Afterwards we walked inside and was looking around the place. They had both Christmas and Halloween decorations out, truly any childs delight (anticipation of trick-or-treating and then Christmas).  Of course, Greg was acting like a kid and set off each and every animated toy:


I had to walk away.

Then I noticed a sign to come this way… so I did and it was to the Haunted Tunnel! I had to go through. It sounded pretty scary from the outside. So, Greg and I walk through and it was ok… then it got a little more involved and I actually jumped at one of the attractions. It was done very well! Here are a few pictures:

It was the skeleton shaking the bars that got me.

After the Halloween displays and Haunted Tunnel, we went inside and walked through the shops. We first stopped at the Yankee Candle display and probably sniffed every jar. I took pictures of the ones we liked to remember as a possible Christmas gift for Greg. Then we went over to the miniature village displays, which is always entertaining to look at. Then we looked at all the Christmas tree’s and decorations, and ornaments, and lights, and stockings… everything. We decided to buy a special ornament for Amelia – a baby’s first that is a photo frame, and we tried to find a special ornament for Greg and I since this will be our first Christmas as a couple and living together, but we didn’t find anything that really stood out. But, I did find a really detailed saddle for my Mom. Greg and I walked out with two ornaments and a couple of sachets for that holiday aroma.

After Valley View Farms, we stopped at Charcoal Deli where Greg ordered his usual (a mess of a hamburger) and we ate at the picnic table.

Once dinner was done, we headed home but stopped off at his Mom’s first to get a few things. We hung out for a few minutes and then headed to the grocery store for our shopping. We did pretty good.

Today, we’re going to head into Baltimore Harbour and then finish off the few items left on our errands.


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