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Those past three days flew by! Greg and I had so much fun too. There were times that we felt guilty for enjoying our time without Amelia but the time off was needed.

I’ve talked to my Mom at least three times a day to see how she and Amelia are doing. So far so good. Amelia is chasing the dogs and crawling all over the place. Mom says Amelia loves being in the high chair and playing with her food.

Work has been hella busy since the moment I logged in and I came in 10 minutes early! But, Lisa is here and has begun her training. It’s so nice working with her again. We’ve caught up on a lot of things during lunch and on our breaks. I’m really excited to see her here. I know she’s just as excited to be here vs. where she was before.

Speaking of work, they have resolved the issue and I should have all my money by tomorrow. Whoohoo! And, they sent me an email telling me how much was going to be deposited and it’s more than I was expecting so I will be able to do some clothes shopping for me and Amelia and Greg (if he’ll let me buy him some clothes) as well as get our oil changes and maybe Greg some new tires or pay off my two credit cards – there are so many options!


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