Horray for Shopping!

Everything at work has been resolved and I now have my money, which, as I mentioned, is more than I was expecting. Greg and I talked about what to do with said money and we’ve decided to do some major clothes shopping for myself and Amelia. So, tonight we head over to Arundel Mills for an evening of shopping and then dinner at Chevy’s!

It’s so nice to be ahead of the bills. Greg and I have paid everything early; car payments, insurance, day care, utilities and cable, cell phones, etc… and we still have extra money for shopping. Then, when we receive our paychecks next week, the only thing we’ll need to pay is rent and day care and that isn’t including the bonus from Greg’s company and my commission check for September. We’re going to be so far ahead of the bills – it’s honestly exciting.

With all that said, I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping! I have already decided on what my ‘big gift’ for Greg is going to be and I have a lot of little gifts that I plan on getting him as well. But, I am mostly excited about the ‘big gift’ since I know he will love it. The only problem that I see, and I’ve brought this up to Greg, is that I don’t know whenI am going to be able to get the gifts since we’re always together. His response was delivery to work which I don’t believe I have that luxury. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  I just wish I knew what he has in mind for me… he says he’s already thought of a few ideas as well as some things for my birthday… Greg’s better at keeping surprises better than I am (since I get too excited and want to share them right away).

Yesterday, when I had a free moment, I was looking at Baltimore’s Harbour Cruises information since Greg and I talked about possibly holding our wedding there. As I was doing the research, I learned that they have a minimum of 125 guests for one package and another of 75 guests. I don’t think Greg and I know that many people! We’re thinking our wedding will be very small and intimate of maybe 40-50 guests that we know for a fact will be there. Budget wise, it’s looking like we’ll be spending about 3-5 thousand dollars, which isn’t all that bad. We’ve also looked into other places for a honeymoon (due to a concern of Greg’s) and have thought about going to one of the Caribbean islands or even to Hawaii. The only thing we’ve agreed to, thus far, is a fall wedding.

I have an appointment tonight at WIC. These appointments are always interesting. Amelia has never attended any of these appointments, thankfully, but many others do bring their children along. I remember one appointment from earlier this year that this one women had two girls; one was about 8 and the other was maybe 1. The 8 year old was being called Tony which I was thinking of as Toni Braxton and then I noticed the 1 year was being called Mickey (the other pronunciation – not like mickey mouse) and then when the 1 year old was misbehaving, the girl was called Michael… I thought for a few minutes that maybe the 1 year olf was a boy, but the mother referred to the 1 year old as ‘her’ and ‘she’ – so the girls had boy names. I thought that was odd.

Yesterday, my cousin April and I exchanged a few emails talking about our babies and family plans, etc. Olivia had her two month check-up earlier this month and she was 14.4 pounds and 24 inches! Ameila, at nine months, is 18.4 pounds and 27 1/4 inches. There are nearly six months between Amelia and Olivia and Olivia is kicking butt with the height and weight compared to Amelia. When Amelia was two months, I believe she was around nine pounds or so… My Mom says it’s because April had more pre-natal care than I did so she took pre-natal vitamins longer than me (remember, this time last year I didn’t know I was pregnant) so that alone is probably why Olivia is different than Amelia. That probably has some truth in it but I don’t think it’s the only reason.

Now, for shopping; I am thinking of getting mostly skirts and a few new tops. I like wearing skirts of all lengths and find them more comfortable for the weather. Especially with the office being too warm for my personal liking.  For tops, I am trying to stay away from sweaters since that’s too warm and hoping that I am going to be able to find nice 3/4 sleeved shirts or dressy t-shirts.

I am getting excited that I get to leave at 5pm today! I would love the 8-5 shift but I don’t think I would be able to get out of the house with Amelia in enough time and that would also mean that we, Amelia and I, would need to leave at 7am each morning. I don’t think she would adjust well to that change.

On another completely different note…

I am so loving it having Lisa at work with me! We get together during lunch and sit outside and chat away! She is going to watch Amelia for Greg and me in December when Greg’s company has their holiday party. Greg and I are counting the days until the holiday party because it’s going to be at Dave and Busters in Rockville and the company has rented the entire place for themselves which means we’ll have unlimited food, drinks, and games for free! Greg and a few of his co-workers are talking about renting a limo to and from Dave and Busters, which sounds like so much fun! I haven’t heard anything about my company’s holiday party, yet, but they’re probably going to wait until the last minute like last year.

 Well, I am going to finish my letter to my girlfriend, Kara.


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